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Wobbleland, Whomps, Wubs and Unicorns, What More Do You Need?
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Wobbleland and Wubs with Unicorns

 My neck AND back…Wobbleland 2017, you were absolutely one of the top five events I have ever attended. The artists, the venue, the crowd, and the overall experience was something unforgettable. Vital Events may have out did themselves this year. I also had the pleasure of frolicking as a part of the iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend the weekend with. 

Thank you Vital for a filthy 2017 lineup!

Wobbleland is an event I will definitely attend every year, especially if they keep getting better with their lineups. Last year’s lineup was pretty good but this year’s, being three full days made it that much better. I am a huge Basshead and Wobbleland was not short of any wubs, whomps, and filthy drops. Being able to prance around with a new Unicorn crew was the highlight to the weekend. I was able to introduce new girls to the ways of the iHeartRaves Unicorn crew and see a few artists I haven’t been able to catch yet. We had GA tickets for the weekend so we weren’t able to catch or see the VIP stage but I don’t think my neck could’ve taken anymore than it did this weekend.

Sets on Sets:

Friday: My top three sets had to be Phiso B2B Aweminus B2B Definitive, Rezz, and Ekali. They all spun differently but they each brought a lot to Wobbleland. Phiso B2B Aweminus B2B Definitive doesn’t disappoint individually and together. This is the first time I was seeing any of them live and it was everything I have waited for. My neck was sore but worth every headbang. Rezz wasn’t on the first lineup dropped but I’m glad she got added. I had never heard of her before but Mama Unicorn is a huge fan and that made me that much more pumped for her set. She did a great job and I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Ekali was another one I had heard little from but did pretty well. It was a different feel for Wobbleland at that point in the night but he fit really well. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wobbleland for the first night but it was definitely a good start to the weekend. 

Saturday: I would give a top three but that would mean I’d have to pick. Saturday was my perfect night. It had everyone I have seen and some I hadn’t. I am a huge fan of Midnight Tyrannosaurus and since I hadn’t seen him live yet, I couldn’t stop talking about him up until his set started. He threw down everything I could’ve asked for and I headbanged my little bass heart out. All the other artists on Saturday never disappointment with a good time.

Sunday: TROLLPHACE b2b TRAMPA was the best set of the weekend. They are both equally amazing but together they threw everything into that set and more. That set was unbelievably filled with dirty drops and the entire crowd filled the City National Civic. I don’t think there was one person who wasn’t headbanging or whomping the entire set. Another person I had heard about but never seen live was Valentino Khan. He had plenty of fans in Sunday’s crowd and I found out why. He is incredible live plus he played harder than expected but it was Wobbleland!

This beautiful group made the whole weekend that much more perfect.

Minnie, Tiny Dancer, and Mama Unicorn made it all the way to Wobbleland to whomp the weekend away

Unicorns & Friends:Throughout the whole weekend the unicorns met plenty of beautiful new faces as well as a few familiar ones. It was another incredible experience I couldn’t be more honored to be apart of. Meeting new friends through all the wubs and whomps of Wobbleland was an experience in itself. Many found us walking around, some followed us through the iHeartRaves Snapchat or  iHeartraves Instagram, others we bonded with within seconds of explaining who we were. We even had a few people see us on the top level from the standing area and run upstairs to meet us. We had one beautiful rave family that screamed at the top of their lungs in excitement when meeting us because they were so happy to finally get a chance to trade and take pictures with us. We always love meeting new people and bringing PLUR to those who may need it. We also did meet a group that was anti-PLUR but we showed them how PLUR is the way of life for the Unicorn crew. 🙂 We threw some glitter on them, told them their moves are weak then BAM they became newly adopted rave family full of PLUR. This is what iHeartRaves and the Unicorn crew is all about, connecting to new people in different ways to make the experience that much more memorable. We love all the people we met and thank you for making our experience great! Another bonus for everyone was that Mama Unicorn, Minnie, and Tiny Dancer were whomping around Wobbleland. They brought so much joy to a huge amount of people just by being there which makes their experience and yours that much better.

Getting to match Mama Unicorn & Minnie made my Friday night

Venue: City National Civic was a pretty good venue. I personally have never been there but it was one I would suggest to go check out. It was set up with a large standing area in the middle on the first floor with auditorium seats around the edges along with seating on the top level. The organization to where the water and gloving tent was a little confusing for those that never saw the map Vital posted because no signs were placed for people to follow within the venue. Security wasn’t the best when it came to treating us all with friendliness and it made sense since they caused a huge headache for Vital. The biggest downside was Saturday and the amount of people there were, with no control by security. There was a crazy amount of people that seemed unreal, even though there was still enough room for everyone. Vital  later explained via social media what happened. There was a situation with security which made everyone’s wristband invalid for Sunday night. It was a major issue that caused a lot of inconvenience for people. Vital apologized and explained the best way they could. Sadly, this security was recommended yet still let them down.

Thank you Wobbleland!

Vital Events you made this Wobbleland was one for the books. It was one event I won’t forget and I will definitely be returning to. I am still amazed at those I was able to trade kandi with and meet. I absolutely have a couple new favorites now. My chiropractor is definitely a supporter of my headbanging style but for those who might need to still experience it, keep an eye out for Wobbleland 2018 because it will worth every sore muscle. I hope Vital continues to bring in big names and great events like this one. Make sure to check out their social media pages to keep up with the pictures and videos that were taken, especially if you haven’t seen the after movie yet.


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