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The Joys of Wearing Kandi When It's NOT Rave Day
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The Joys of Wearing Kandi When It’s NOT Rave Day

Do you wear your kandi in public on days other than rave day? Every now and then I will go out and see someone wearing one or two on their arm on a regular week day, and even though I might not know that person I automatically feel a connection to them! Ravers should really wear kandi whenever and where ever they want. However, some people think it’s weird or “childish” to wear kandi in public, especially if it’s not rave day. I’ve noticed this response more so with people who don’t go to raves and don’t understand our community. Some people think these beads should be something we leave for raves and that’s it, but there are many reasons you should rock your favorite pieces when it’s not rave day!

Of course not everybody understands the point of trading kandi at raves so you’re bound to get some some weird looks, but eeryone knows kandi is a great conversation starter and when someone outside of the EDM community gives you a weird look or asks you about it, it’s a chance for you to share a bit of rave culture with them!

 I remember one time I wore a kandi bracelet to work the day after a rave. The beads were blue and green, had a big bead in the shape of a peace sign and said “paz” which means peace in Spanish. This kandi had obviously been passed around a few times because the beads looked a little worn out, but I didn’t care at all! I loved what it said and the meaning behind it, and even though it looked old, it was so unique and special to me. I remember showing it to a coworker and explaining what it meant, and she thought it was so funny that I would wear some old beads from someone that I only met that night. She was a few years older than me and never been to a rave before so of course I didn’t expect her to fully understand, but even when I tried explaining how we make kandi and the whole peace, love, unity, respect trade off, all she could say was, “but why?”. She didn’t understand why I was wearing it, so I didn’t take it personally.


Each kandi has a story and brings back a fun memory of where we got it or who traded it with us so it’s even more special wearing your favorite kandi on a random day because it’s a nice little reminder of the good times we had the night before. And if you’re having a bad day, it’s a nice reminder of special nights with your rave family.

I know some people might think it’s lame to wear kandi anywhere outside of the raves, but it’s not about everybody else, it’s about what makes you happy, and that’s not just with kandi that’s with everything in life! As long as you are not hurting or harming yourself or anyone else in the process, then you should be able to do what you want. So next time you feel like wearing that awesome kandi in public, wear it, and never hesitate to do what makes you happy!

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