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Valentines Day with LED

 Valentines is a special day were everyone comes together to celebrate love. But, what could be more magical than celebrating it with LED at the shrine!

This year I celebrated my Valentines day with LED and I was not disappointed. The atmosphere at the shrine was amazing and they opened up more rooms at the shrine to give our romantic ravers a night to remember. As you proceeded into the entrance hall large mirrors covered the walls and low light chandeliers were lit followed by a beautifully designed interior to make this Valentines day epic.

Los Angeles shrine. Photo By: The Shrine

The shrine wasn’t the only gorgeous thing this year but the guests were absolutely enthralled with another in this romantic atmosphere. Everywhere I turned I saw a happy couple hand in hand racing for the stage, with smiles that stretched from ear to ear. When I tried to step out of the way of these racing lovers I found myself bumping into others as they shared a romantic embrace. 

LED Los Angeles, Photo by: La Luna Photography

As the couples settled into the arena Brazzabelle opened up for the night bringing amazing tunes for everyone to dance to. After she was done I thought no one could top her but each performance was just one more amazing show after another. Safe to say all the performers that night gained me as a new fan. As the night came to an end and fellow ravers hugged and said goodbyes. I knew that I would see them all again on another LED adventure.


Brazzabelle at LED Los Angeles


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