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Trance Family Goals

I don’t intend to start a family anytime soon. But if I did, I would hope it would be as amazing as this. 


Trance Family Belfast posted that video March 16th, which features the song “Anti Social Media” from Israelis’ DJ Coming Soon, feat. Bryan Kearney. The lovely family that’s raging out in their car are from Belfast, UK, and it seems like they are taking over people’s hearts around the world as well as the heart of Armin van Buuren. That’s right this lovely trance fam got to spend the day with the Trance king himself!

Take Aime Fortunato’s YouTube comment:

Omg!!!!! I love your family The princess on the right is the best daughter EVER!!!! Love your videos

I’m sure that many people are expecting a trio DJ set soon from the Trance Princess feat. The Twins soon. Remember, #FamilyGoals.

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