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Experience the True Magic of TomorrowWorld

Being a part of TomorrowWorld last year was an unforgettable experience that changed my life; I had never met so many new friends from not only different states, but different countries, seen beautifully crafted stages, and tasted such amazing food! After parting from my new friends and only carrying the memories with me, I couldn’t imagine passing up the opportunity to be a part of the experience the next year. Fast forward a year later, I was boarding the plane at 5:00AM with my boyfriend and best friend, flying out to Georgia, Atlanta to once again create more beautiful memories. I won’t bore you with the grueling details of every minute of the 5 days I was there, but you’ll get to hopefully feel as if you were a part of my magical journey.


Before the rain…

As everyone knows, the weather in Atlanta was not the greatest that weekend and it caused a huge series of unfortunate and terrible events with those who did not camp. For those of us who did camp, we definitely weren’t prepared for THAT much rain. Sure we checked the weather religiously everyday, but we were never prepared for the storm that would have flooded almost everyone’s tents. Luckily we were located on the west side of Dreamville and only got puddles in our tent (but with most of our belongings soaked), but for those on the east side, not so lucky. The rain not only soaked their belongings, but it also created paths of oozing mud, forcing almost everyone to give up their shoes and to just walk barefoot in the mud all weekend. I was one of those people, but only because I was saving my shoes for the festival. Workers tried to fix the mud by constantly laying out hay for us everyday to reduce the mud, but nothing seemed to be working. Despite all of the rain that dampened many spirits, we were not about to admit defeat! 

The Festival
The production value of TomorrowWorld was just unbelievable! This year’s mainstage was incredibly beautiful and you just had to be there to witness it: after the guardian of the key unlocked the mainstage of happiness during the day, the stage became full of life with dancers dancing throughout the mainstage while headliner’s performed, fire blasted when the beats dropped, and fireworks danced in the night sky. Not only was the mainstage breathtaking, but the production put into the smaller stages, actors/actresses who danced pranced around the festival, and festive decor was also amazing! Everywhere you turned there was something you couldn’t resist taking a picture of and there was something new that you’d see everyday. The journey through the woods to get from the two main stages to the other stages was also a journey not only because of the trek through the mud, but the way they guided you with the beautiful candy cane arches and the bridge that everyone has to cross with endless trains of high fives being given to those passing one another. I don’t think I’ve ever given so many high fives before that weekend! There were also endless bubbles to pop throughout the day, making the journey much more eventful with contests to see how many we could pop. They truly worked hard to make our second experience at TomorrowWorld a fantasy that was practically our reality. Our home for the weekend was the reality that I wish I had (minus the mud). 

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The Food

IMG_20150928_163645Usually the last thing you think of doing at an event is eating, but one of the things I was most excited about TomorrowWorld was the food! Being that TomorrowWorld is a camping festival, you NEED to eat! How else are you going to survive at a 4 day (pre-party included) event? I tried so many different vendors that entire weekend and have to say that my top meals would have to be the vegetable pan fried noodles, margarita flatbread, brocolli mac and cheese, and the revival brunch that Top Chef Kevin Gillespie provided for us. If they bring back the restaurant to next year’s TomorrowWorld (if there is one), I HIGHLY recommend it! Sure it may seem pricey with lunch for $39 and dinner for $49, but it was worth every single penny! I never felt so revived after a full course meal before dancing my butt off for the rest of the day. Plus, we got to hangout in the VIP area in front of the mainstage for as long as we wanted to 😉 Talk about amazing h’louvres while you’re at it!

The People of Tomorrow

TomorrowWorld IMG_20150925_155809_1never fails to attract a variety of characters and I absolutely loved meeting everyone that I had met. I had been sheltered to the fact that I was only raving in California that experiencing TomorrowWorld has encouraged me to explore the options that raving has for me, which includes traveling. Meeting the People of Tomorrow has been the highlight of my trip and made my trip a million times more memorable than anything else. It was refreshing having new faces come up to us to compliment on our outfits and to just have a conversation with, to just be able to run up to anyone with a funny totem and be able to take a picture with it without question, and to just be able to talk to ANYONE without feeling weird about it! I met these awesome kandi kids that came up to my boyfriend and I to compliment our masks and we ended up exchanging info with them so we could keep in touch with them! I also found a great totem that I saw all weekend that ended up being our neighbor in Friendship Camping! We all have our differences, but TomorrowWorld brought us together and destiny made it so that we crossed paths with one another. Without the PLUR vibes, TomorrowWorld would have been just been an ordinary festival.

Fellow iHeartRaves Bloggers!

Fellow iHeartRaves Bloggers!

This great totem :)

This great totem 🙂

Despite the series of unfortunate events that occurred over the weekend, in the end what matters is what you made out of the bad and whether or not you made the most of it. I felt so miserable camping in the cold and unprepared for the rain, feeling extremely sick the second day, and having to trek in the mud the entire weekend, but with the help of my friends we were able to pull through to make the most out of a shitty situation. I remember on the last day when the mainstage began to transform at night and the fireworks show began, I had my boyfriend and best friend with me and I said to them, “This just erased all of the bad things that happened this weekend. This is just so beautiful.” So even though we all had to undergo a lot of shit over that weekend, in the end TomorrowWorld was still amazing and I couldn’t of asked for better company that made what could have been one of the worst weekends one of the best <3


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