Thigh Highs, Leg Wraps, and Fishnets…Oh My!

Legs on legs on legs, my favorite part of finishing the outfit! There are plenty of options iHeartRaves has for you to try! You could like their thigh highs, garters, leg wraps, or hosiery, which are all in different colors, patterns and sizes for everyone to enjoy. 

Just Leg Wraps

  • There are two different ways you can wrap your leg wraps with the basic X.  On my left leg I started my X with the two strings coming out of the garter on the back of my thigh then crisscrossed them onto the front and continued down my leg. On my right leg I started my X with the two strings coming out of the garter on the front of my thigh then crisscrossed them to the back and continued down my leg. (In the picture on the left with orange leg wraps
  • You can always accent your rave outfit with matching leg wraps (like Rubi did with two black ones) or with a simple one leg wrap on one leg. (like I did in the middle photo
  • You can mix & match any colors to coordinate with your outfit or whatever your heart desires! (In the picture on the right

Two different X wraps. Left: starts from the back of thigh. Right: starts in the front of thigh.

At EDCLV 2016 rocking leg wraps with the beautiful butterfly @redrubeie!

My favorite panda @alibeaaar and I love mixing & matching our leg wraps at EDCLV 2015.











  • Another way to add to your outfit with using just leg wraps is by “layering” leg wraps! You can mix colors to add a pop of color to your outfit or you can match them to accent your outfit. Using one light colored leg wrap and one dark colored usually look the best. Remember you can always layer following the same X pattern down your leg or you can cross the X patterns while crossing the colors. 

Left Leg: Crossing X patterns & colors. Right Leg: Following the same X pattern.

Fish Nets & Leg Wraps

  • There are so many color combinations you can create with this look! iHeartRaves has two types of Spandex Diamond pantyhose “Fishnets” that you can add leg wraps to. On the left: I put red leg wraps on top of white pantyhose. On the right: I wrapped orange leg wraps under the black pantyhose. For another look I added fluffies because who doesn’t love fluffies!! (Side Note: I prefer to put my leg wraps over top of my white pantyhose compared to putting my leg wraps underneath my black pantyhose. I feel it helps the colors stand out more when you do it that way)


Thigh Highs & Leg Wraps:

  • iHeartRaves also carries plenty of different thigh highs to fit your outfit.
    • The Backseam Stay Up Lace thigh highs have to be my favorite because they always seem to stay up the longest! (The have really good silicone on them) They look good with leg wraps on top and underneath them. 
    • The Fence Net come in multiple colors for you to add more than just black and white as your “fishnet” colors. They are super soft too.
    • The Jumbo Net only currently come in black but these blue ones are great for a pop of color and I love the pattern! 

Backseam Lace – Left Leg: Leg wrap on top of thigh high. Right Leg: Leg wrap under thigh high.

Fence Net – Left: Leg wrap under thigh high. Right: Leg wrap on top of thigh high.

Jumbo net thigh highs with leg wraps wrapped over top.









Extra Hosiery:

Rocking my favorite back bow tie thigh highs at Global Dance 2015 with iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew.

The lovely unicorn crew at Nocturnal 2016 in Neon Striped Athletic Socks.












Quick Tips: 

  • For any stubborn thigh highs or hosiery that won’t stay up try double stick tape! I just use Scotch double-stick tape, you can get it at any store usually that carries tape. Trust me it works for me! (It even worked at Tommorrow World 2015 in all the mud)

  • Also if your thigh highs still won’t stay up by themselves add leg wraps to hold them up. I put them under the top of the thigh high like underlining it on the outside of the thigh high for it to stay up.
  • If you need help with finding what color leg wraps to choose click HERE and if you need help wrapping your leg wraps watch this VIDEO provided by iHeartRaves! 
  • There are plenty of other ways to wrap your leg wraps but these are the basics. 🙂 



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