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Thefts at Festivals: A Growing Problem | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Thefts at Festivals: A Growing Problem

The growth in popularity of music festivals has been a wonderful thing for fans of all music across the globe. We live in a time where festivals run rampant, and around every corner, at just about every time of the year, we can collectively quiver in elation for yet another announcement of a new or returning festival.

That said, such a sonic boom of festivals, EDM notwithstanding, can come with its downfalls as well; one of which is growing into a crucial problem that not only needs addressing but full-on worldwide public attention as well.

At Weekend 1 of Coachella, a man was caught with over 100 stolen phones in his possession. You read that correctly: 100 STOLEN PHONES. A number that is equal parts staggering and concerning. However, this is certainly not the first case of such an event and not only will it not be the last, but it also seems to be booming at a rate comparable to the festival boom itself.

Mass thievery has become a dangerous norm at music festivals as we enter the festival season in 2017.

This is a conversation that needs to be had by all fest-heads, EDM or otherwise, and it is a conversation my friend at @FestivalProbz recently brought to light. Her twitter thread on this very topic garnered eye-popping testimonials from victims of rampant theft at music festivals across the country, some of which I would like to share here.

Simply put, this is not okay. And although it seems sensible to the majority of us festival attendees that a musical festival warrants no place for such vile actions, that is certainly not the case for a minority that is scarily growing.

The point of this article is to spread some awareness and show just how serious this problem is becoming; a problem that is unfortunately in our hands to help combat as festival security can only do so much. Heck, at a show (not even a festival) a friend of mine fell victim to a sad soul forcefully patting people’s back pockets attempting to force its contents out into the wrong hands. I myself can attest to this as I felt it as well.

It all starts with awareness and conversation, and to myself and @FestivalProbz it has become an essential addition to the festival preparation process. Take every precaution needed to keep your valuables safe, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears wide open for yourself, your friends, and your fellow festival-goers as a whole. It’s sad this is something that is tough to completely stop, but it is definitely something that can be drastically reduced if everyone looks out for one another and takes the time to be as safe as possible with personal belongings.

I would like to thank @FestivalProbz for helping get the conversation started, and I know we both hope this discussion continues and reaches out to as many as possible with festival season on the verge of being in full swing. Be safe, be prepared, and be aware; if we do that, maybe we as a whole can help divert these fools once and for all.

Photo from: socialprworld.com

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