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The Meaning Behind Kandi: 2015 Edition | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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The Meaning Behind Kandi: 2015 Edition

2015 has been a beautiful year with too many events that my body has been unable to handle, but it has also brought so many beautiful new friends into my life. A part of the reason why I rave is because of the people that I meet at each event and the memories that we create together. Some people I meet while I walk through the crowd, as I wait in line for the bathroom (or while I’m waiting for my boyfriend to get out), or out on the dancefloor. If I make a connection with someone I try to make a point to trade kandi so that they have a gift from me, but it’s also something special when they trade something in return. That kandi then becomes more than just a beaded bracelet, it becomes a sign of friendship. Regardless of where we have met, it’s those who chose to keep in touch with me that blossomed into friendship and left an impact on my heart. Here are a few interesting people I have crossed paths with who have left their mark and kandi!
Ly & Cem
I met this sweetheart and her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve last year at POP NYE at the Oracle Arena in VyOakland and have kept in touch ever since! She was one of the only ones dressed up along with me and found me in the sea of black t-shirts as I was walking to the hallway to refill my water bottle. Although this beautiful cuff wasn’t the first piece of kandi that we traded, we made it a point to meet up again at CrushSF with cuffs to trade one another and she made me something that I hold dear to my childhood: the triforce from the Legend of Zelda. It was something that she first noticed about me at POP with my triforce tattoo and remembered! I can’t wait to spend this New Year’s Eve with the two of them again 🙂

I was out at Ruby Skye for Myon & Shane 54’s open to close set one weekend and found her dancing next to me; she had the most infectious smile and immediately said hi to me! We talked for a little bit and I found out

Paige and I when we met up again at ATB!

Paige and I when we met up again at ATB!

that she had just moved to the Bay Area, was going to see ATB in San Jose and Boo! SF by herself, and did not know anyone in the area. We exchanged numbers so that we could meet up at both events and Paige also wanted to trade kandi! I sadly didn’t have kandi at the time since we were at the club, but I had the TranceFamilySF bracelet that I was able to trade her so that she’d remember there’s a family here in the Bay Area that’s here whenever she needed us <3


At TomorrowWorld my friends and I struggled through the mud, but we managed to make the best of what we curtishad. On the last day only campers were allowed into TomorrowWorld, dramatically decreasing the amount of attendees on the dancefloor. After getting a delicious smoothie my friends and I walked over to a stage to find our totem when I ran into Curtis. I recognized him from other Bay Area events, but never got the chance to say anything to him since I was always in a crowd. Now I’m finally happy to say that we finally met, got to trade kandi, and bonded as Bay Area ravers 🙂 Thank you curtis for the beautiful Portal perler and I hope to see you again soon!

Randall & Renz
Randall and Renz are a part of BRBRaving and we have all been Instagram friends for a while. We had been meaningbrb raving to meet up for the longest time, but whenever we would attend the same event THEY WOULD BE AT THE FRONT ROW -_- So I cried (not literally) and added a layer to the already big cuff I had made for them. Then FINALLY, after months of failure, crying, then adding layers to their cuff, my boyfriend and I met them at Ruby Skye this year when we met Pierce Fulton. They’re two of the chillest guys ever and we were on a streak of seeing each other at events after that, then they once again disappeared from the grid. Randall and Renz, I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under but you need to get out!

Looking through all of my photos…I’m sad to say Ashlee is the only one I don’t have a picture with 🙁 But on another note, we met at an event (Dada Life?) and managed to keep in touch with one another through Instagram and planned on meeting up several times! It also turned out that we had a mutual friend because they were also in the same rave family! We traded several pieces together, but this perler stood out because it’s my favorite animal in the world: Appa the flying bison from Avatar! Ashlee and I had lunch together outside of an event and it was great getting to know her outside of raving! I hope that we get to see each other again soon!ashlee

After walking into POP NYE a security guard told me that they saw my guy friend dressed up in an outfit similar to mine. I was a little baffled because I was dressed up in an Electric Laundry bra and some iHeartRaves gear, so FotorCreatedunless he really liked to show off his butt then I don’t think he was dressed like me. Then met Jake a couple hours later and I knew why they thought we were together, we were both dressed in a winter themed outfit, except he looked like a king! He saw me, walked up to me, and complimented on my Kulturshop crown and said that his friend made it! I felt nothing but love and happiness from this guy ever since I met him and couldn’t have found a more PLUR raver <3 

Shawn & Annie
Seven Lions held a meet and greet at a brewery in San Jose and as there weren’tannie and shawn any options for plus ones, I went solo. I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect, I hadn’t gone to a meet and greet by myself before! As soon as I got there though I met the cutest couple in the world, Annie and Shawn! They had just gotten engaged after 7 years and I hope that my boyfriend and I could live up to their amazing relationship! They were bursting with excitement and love over not only Seven Lions, but for music and events as well. Annie and Shawn understood the true meaning of PLUR and how loving the raving community truly is; they even invited me back to their hotel with their friends to get ready and preparty with them! I met up with them again at Boo SF this Halloween and even though we only saw each other for 5 minutes it felt like nothing changed 🙂

If anyone remembered my article for this year’s Valentine’s Day event Crush SF, then you’ll remember Mama mama melissaMelissa! I met her while I was looking for couples to take photos of for my article and found her with her husband right behind me. I admired her for continuing her lifestyle of raving even though she had a family and hope to be like her when I’m her age! She is definitely a rave mama to everyone that she meets, making sure everyone is safe, hydrated, and having fun! I love running into Mama Melissa at events and I hope to see her soon <3

With the iHeartRaves blog family growing I wanted to finally meet other bloggers whom I only knew through their writing. It was a struggle due to the fact I had close to no reception half of the time, but luckily Shelby ihr bloggerwas able to spot me while I was walking with my friends to the kandi station at Nocturnal Wonderland! Shelby is also an amazing hooper if you didn’t know that about her already 😉 When I met her she had been hooping for only a couple months, but it seemed like she had years under her belt! It’s always a pleasure meeting another iHeartRaves blogger that not only loves raving as much as I do, but the culture as well. I hope to see you at another event!

On one of my many nights out at Ruby Skye in San Francisco, I met up with a friend that I had met at Crush mattSF and she introduced me to Matt (aka Glowstik). At first I thought he’d just be one of those people I meet at the club, think he’s cool, then never see him again. Oh boy was I wrong and now I’m sadly stuck with this guy forever…JUST KIDDING! He’s probably one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met (my boyfriend being first) and whenever we all meet up at an event it’s always a blast! I never thought I’d meet someone that loves raving, its community, and the music as much as I do. He’s always a ray of sunshine and I’m lucky to have made such a good friend 🙂

I’ve received so much kandi over the years that I have forgotten many of their stories, but there are also many that have left a mark in my heart. Kandi is something more than a tradable rave item, its a piece of somebody’s heart that tells a story. So lets cherish each kandi that we receive from others and remember, it’s the thought that counts! And it you don’t get anything in return, don’t get upset over it; it’s all about sharing the long and expecting nothing in return. Thank you to all of the new friends that I’ve made over this year of raving and I hope to make many more next year! 🙂

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