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The Future of Headliners Crate | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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The Future of Headliners Crate

You know that feeling of excitement when you open the mailbox and there’s a package in there for you? Running back into the house while struggling to rip off the tape with your bare hands, giving up to find scissors, then unwrapping your package?! It’s just like Christmas! When I order rave gear from iHeartRaves and find it in the mail, I’m overjoyed! I love that feeling, but I already know what I ordered, where’s the fun in that?! Nowadays there are so many companies providing monthly surprise crates with different goodies each month, each catering to different interests such as gamers and Otaku fans!  I had previously signed up with one of these crates for a couples months but after 3 months wasn’t into some of the themed items, so I canceled it because I didn’t want any more random toys taking up space in my room. If I wanted to get a surprise crate, I’d want it to cater to my one passion: RAVING. Now my dreams are finally coming true when I found out Hoku Wong and Jerome Schmitz were in the works creating a special crate for raver’s, Headliners Crate! 


Hoku (far right) with his associates, Alex (far left) and Rachel (middle)

What inspired this idea? After being a part of the scene for some time Hoku and Jerome spontaneously decided to have an adventure and road trip to what would be Jerome’s first major festival: EDC Orlando. Spending an entire day on the road bonding over conversations and swapping playlists and dancing underneath the electric sky for two whole days, the two headliners decided then that they needed to give back to the community that they love so much. After all, it was because of their love for the music and the raving community that they became very good friends and without it, they wouldn’t have met! But what could they possibly bring to the thousands of ravers with a constantly evolving culture? Well, maybe the answer 

So what can you expect from their crate? “As of right now we’re working directly with EmazingLights andfinished_product_white_bg_485 their wholesale crew to bring out their newest products,” Hoku said excitedly, “we wanted to focus in on both light/flow toys and useful things like bags and pouches.” So for those of you who don’t want to spend the $50+ to receive a free bag with your EmazingLights purchase there’s a possibility of snagging a free drawstring bag. You may even get the chance to play with some light toys you never thought of using and who knows, you may become a pro at it and it will be all because Headliner’s Crate gave you the chance! As for clothing? They’re still working on that: “We don’t have a specific vendor in place right now because we’re not prepared to put in any orders in that department specifically,” Hoku explained, “but since we’re also handling all the packing and shipping ourselves the first few articles of clothing that we include will probably be independent designs on shirts and hats.” Can’t wait to have some gear to rep these two amazing fellas company!

Though with every great idea comes challenges; Hoku and Jerome have successfully launched their website (still in the beta form), but still need our help! Luckily, they have some appealing incentives on their GoFundMe for those who donate to the good cause:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.58.29 PM


These headliners have been working hard to give back to the rave community, so let’s show our love and support so that one day when we open our mailboxes, be surprised with one of their legendary crates! 🙂

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