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Summer 2017's Hottest Festival Fashion Trends | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves

Summer 2017’s Hottest Festival Fashion Trends

It’s always so exciting to see what fashion trends us ravers embrace once festival season hits each year! I have watched the trends flow from parachute pants to kandi from head to toe to all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between.  Every festival season, amazing fashion staples destined to be the hottest trends of the summer emerge. There are a ton of trends that I love to mix and match for endless festival looks, let’s see what trends are hot this summer!

One of my top favorites would definitely be fishnet tees and dresses! There are a ton of different outfit options when it comes to fishnet tees. You could rock them over pasties and booty shorts, a bodysuit, or even under another tee shirt!

Another trend I’m sure everyone has definitely seen is that sparkly stuff that we use so much we are possibly leaving a constant trail of it, ha! You guessed it, GLITTER! Although glitter has been around for longer than we even know, it is making a comeback. There are endless ways to apply glitter to amp up any festival look. You can apply it to the cheeks, forehead, pop it on top of your favorite lipstick, or go all out and put it on your face and body! My favorite brand of glitter right now is Lunautics. There are so many different colors to choose from and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Something I’ve been seeing pop back up into current rave style would be 90’s fashion. Don’t you wish you never threw away your old stretchy chokers or fuzzy hair bands! No need to worry though, iHeartRaves has you covered. With chokers, mini backpacks, high waist bottoms, and fanny packs, you can’t possibly go wrong this season. 90’s style involves lots of accessories which can be super colorful, furry, or even see though or holographic! All of these trends are going to be super fun for all the summer festivals coming up.

Last, but definitely not least in the upcoming Summer 2017 rave fashion trends would be strappy black ensembles. Now, wearing black may seem to be mainly for our techno lovers but it is definitely more versatile than that! Some of my favorite looks involve strappy black tops, bottoms, and leg garters.

Sexy harness garters <3

Ultra strappy top and garter combo!

There are even some super cute strappy black bodysuits which will be sure to turn heads. Faux leather harnesses also pair really well with garters and will create a super sultry look perfect for festival season.

With all of these fashion trends, there is bound to be something everyone will like. That is one of the most amazing things about raves, being able to wear exactly what we want without judgment! Get ready for the hottest summer for rave fashion, we can’t wait to see all of your rave looks this season!



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