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Spreading the PLUR

On New Year’s Eve at the Anaheim Convention Center, looking around the room I could see I was surrounded by hordes of people dressed head to toe in white. I was at Insomniac’s famous New Year’s Eve gala, White Wonderland. It was an amazing experience – like every Insomniac event I’ve ever been to. The point of this post, however, isn’t to tell you about how great White Wonderland was…I actually wanted to write about spreading the PLUR.

I noticed something about White Wonderland that was a little unusual. Standing in the coat check line, I looked around the room and saw that I seemed to be part of a small minority in the crowd, with my sparkly fluffies and kandi covered arms. The majority of the people around me were people that most likely wouldn’t call themselves “ravers”, wearing clothing that could have been appropriate for any normal occasion requiring formal attire. Initially that bothered me a little bit as my outfit made me feel strangely out of place in the only place where such an outfit was appropriate, but by the end of the night I was happily dancing around with the new friends I had made throughout the evening, a couple of which were first timers. I love meeting new ravers and it’s always exhilarating when I get a chance to spread the PLUR.

There’s something wonderful about being someone’s first trade or being the one to give someone their first kandi bracelet. When someone tells me that they are raving for the first time,  I have thoughts what a parent would think (at least the way I imagine a parent would think, as I’m not a parent) I know that if I take them under my wing and make sure that they “grow up” in the rave scene surrounded by loving, PLUR-minded ravers, they’ll most likely turn out okay.

The EDM community is one place where I feel like I belong and am accepted. My love for the EDM community is the reason that I get such a thrill out of snatching up the new ravers and planting the seeds of PLUR in their heads while they’re new to the scene and open to listening. I feel like by doing that I am helping to shape them into the kind of raver that strives to embrace PLUR in their thoughts and actions.

Think of your earliest raving days. What was your first PLUR moment like and what did it mean to you back then? I remember my first PLUR moment very well. It was a girl I met at my second rave, and since I had no kandi bracelets of my own, she gave me a few of hers to use for trading. She taught me the PLUR handshake and then slid three or four bracelets onto my wrist, saying “There. You’re one of us now.” That simple gesture was a big deal to me then, because I felt like I was part of something. I’d be willing to bet your first PLUR experience must have been somewhat similar, or else you probably wouldn’t still be raving today and probably wouldn’t even be reading this.

Next time you’re at a rave, reach out to the newbie ravers and pass on the PLUR that you were shown when you first started raving.

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