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HARD Summer: Sold Out & Bigger Than Ever

Those who have attended HARDfest’s Hard Summer over the past few years have seen it grow in huge ways. The location has changed from the LA Historic Park to Whittier Narrows, to its current location at the Fairplex. The biggest change this year though, is the number of attendees. In 2012 Hard Summer had 50,000 attendees for the two day weekend. Last year, there were 80,000 attendees and this year the number has nearly doubled. Hard Summer 2015 expects 130,000 to dance through the Fairplex the weekend of August 1-2. 

Changing location is key to growing this event. To try and put it into perspective, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted 130,000 headliners on the first night. The Speedway is 1,200 acres. The Fairplex is 487 acres, and is expecting 65,000 attendees a night. So half the people of EDC in roughly less than half the amount of space. I never felt too crowded at EDC, so likely the same will be true of Hard Summer.

According to the Department of Public Works, “the Fairplex site reaches capacity at about 160,000 persons. This occurs only during the Los Angeles County Fair”. So half that number a night seems like a good number.

Hard Day of the Dead was held for the first time last year at the Fairplex. LA Weekly estimated 80,000 attendees at the two day festival. So if you went to Hard DOTD last year, and remember how empty it was, just picture 15,000 more new friends filling the space.

I’m pretty stoked on the festival moving to the Fairplex. I remember experiencing a lot less dust which is such an amazing treat at a festival in California these days. 

While Hard Summer never has the art or experience or vibes that can compete with Insomniac events, they do have the line ups that keep me coming back. Hands down I’d pay more than $100 to see Jack Ü alone, and the single day tickets are really an easy selling point for me and many others who don’t want to commit to two full days. 

So get excited to party with more friends than ever at Hard Summer and let me know, what do you think about the growth, new location and lineup?


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