Smoldering New Looks from the Wild Embers Collection

As we are all well aware, festival season is upon us (cue angels singing in the background) and what better way to celebrate than with the release of a new iHeartRaves collection?!  The newest collection designed and curated by the iHeartRaves team for the 2017 festival year is entitled Wild Embers and was created with the intent of inspiring personal style and fashion choices at EDM events, music festivals, and beyond. 

All the pieces in the collection are extremely versatile in that they feature current summer trends, such as cutouts, mesh, and fringe, which can be mixed, matched, and styled to showcase your individual personality. Keep reading to find out what some of our favorite pieces are and what makes this collection so special!

Twilight Gypsy Wrap  


The new Twilight Gypsy Wrap is the perfect example of this collection’s creative functionality. The wrap can be tied around the neck and worn as a top or wrapped around your waist and worn like a coin skirt. How ever you decide to style it, the Twilight Gypsy Wrap will add some color and sparkle to your look.

Faux Fur Jackets

The collection anticipates chillier festival weather in the up and coming fall months as seen in the collection’s tendency to lean towards a darker color scheme and the addition of multiple faux fur jackets, which are big in fashion currently (especially if cropped). These are perfect for chilly rave nights and won’t sacrifice style at all! 

Upgraded Rave Favorites

 Staple trends in rave fashion, including bodysuits, sequins, and gemstones, prove they are here to stay and are also featured in this new collection. Mini backpacks have been trending and iHeartRaves has added a variety of colors and prints to their collection! The collection even features new styles of sheer maxi skirts and brand new mesh tops. As far as accessories go, the new Gypsy Shrine face gems or the Sequin Seamless Mask  have to be on the list of new favorites!


New extended sizes!

iHeartRaves knows that fashion is almost as integral to a rave experience as the music and environment are.  Just like raves are intended for everyone, style and fashion should be too, which is why iHeartRaves designed the Wild Embers Collection to include and feature new sizes, now ranging from XS (about 00/0) to XXL (roughly 12/14).  The inclusion of these new sizes is an important step made by iHeartRaves to be more available to and conscientious of all kinds of people and their amazingly unique body shapes and sizes.  As the world’s leading brand/retailer for the EDM scene iHeartRaves aims to continue embodying PLUR through the Wild Embers Collection by showcasing their love and respect for all people and all body types.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do! For more gorgeous pics and fashion inspo follow our Insta @iheartraves and our Snapchat, username: iHeartRaves, you can also shop the Wild Embers Collection here!

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