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Shout-Out Pages Asking For More Than Rave Booty

EDM culture has slowly but surely taken over the Internet. I’m not even joking at this point, it’s literally everywhere. From rave babe shout out pages, to flow artist pages, to Facebook groups set up with no other reason than for glovers to share their talents with each other, it’s safe to say it has infected main stream culture. But here’s what I’ve come to notice, for every 10 good and inspiring rave loving pages out there, there’s a bad one in the mix. I’m a firm believer that this community is about love and acceptance, but some people just have to take a good thing and turn it ugly.

Now while some shout-out pages are incredibly well run, with respectful admins, (Hottest_of_EDM, bayarea_edmgirls and PLURbunnies to name a few) and I have heard nothing but good things about their pages and the way they interact with the girls they feature, there’s a few that are pushing their boundaries.

While it stands as common knowledge that once a photo is on the Internet it is technically public domain, I know from personal experience it doesn’t feel so great to have a photo taken and posted without permission. There have even been cases of Admins of certain pages asking for nude or basically nude photos in exchange for shout-outs. The worst part being that these photos were then showing up publicly on other sites. Hi, can you say creeper? Many rave girls that I’ve met in the scene are young, kind, and trusting. And while that’s a wonderful thing, when someone starts asking for photos of this nature, assume they have impure intentions.

I’ve had girls share their stories with me about having run-ins with popular rave pages asking for nudes. I now find it disturbing to see these pages posting other girls because I cant help but worry that they got what they wanted from them. This situation falls to something much bigger than followers and attention, this type of behavior destroys our message of PLUR. Rave culture is about accepting each other and feeling safe in your environment, and while there are always going to be people who sexualize the human body. I despise seeing beautiful rave girls turned into objects.

My point here is this, ladies I know that social media has become popular within the rave culture. I know a lot of ravers looks up to what I personally refer to as the EDM socialites (cause lets be real they basically bleed PLUR and how could you not love them) who have tons of followers. However, any page asking for sexy or nude photos is taking advantage of you. Please, think before you send any photo that you don’t want on the internet forever. Because that is exactly where it will remain.

While it is slightly disheartening to hear the lengths people are willing to go for to get followers, I understand that people see social media as a huge influencer these days. Rave girls, and yes I mean every last one of them, are magical creatures and this may just be one humble opinion, but the amount of followers that you have on any given social media site DOES NOT make or break that beauty. So next time something like this comes up in your DM’s really think about what they’re asking for, and prevent yourself from getting into a bad situation.

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