Secrets To Creating Fresh New Looks With Your Same Old Rave Wardrobe

It’s festival season and you’ve got a wardrobe FULL of rave gear, but NOTHING TO WEAR! You wonder to yourself how it’s even possible to have so many rave clothes and still have nothing to wear. It’s a dilemma that many of us have. Even I run into this problem when styling for a shoot or festival – and I have all the iHeartRaves pieces at my disposal.

As I style most of the outfits for our shoots, I obviously love the looks I create, but I find that I always want to wear something other than the outfits I’ve already made for the site to festivals. Because of this when it comes to styling for myself, I always get stuck. I feel as if I’ve styled everything every possible way, however, that’s never true. There’s always a fresh new take on your rave look so here are some quick tips on how to style fresh new outfits from your old rave wardrobe!


This one is an easy one! Accessories tie an outfit together and complete the look. Change up your accessories and you have yourself a whole new outfit! You can easily add cat ears, a harness, cape, vest, choker, or hosiery to completely change the vibe of your outfit. See our Disco Plunge Bodysuit styled with our Reversible Galaxy Vest and with the Butterfly Wings. Two totally different looks with one bodysuit!

This last look has tons of accessories including a chain belt, wings, and a harness! All of those items together gave the Sheerly Shameless Bodysuit new life!


Layers on Layers

Who doesn’t love layering? Layering is probably the easiest way to spice up an old outfit. Have a bodysuit you love, but have already worn a few times? Layer some high waisted shorts over it to give the suit new life! You can easily layer any of our skirts or high waisted shorts over a bodysuit to give it a whole new vibe. See the Glitter Mermaid Net Venus Bodysuit worn alone next to the Fishnet Venus Bodysuit, styled with Denim Hologram High Waisted Shorts and the Midnight Mesh Vest.

Mix & Match

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of getting a matching top and bottom because they’re matching…so you’re supposed to wear them together, right? Yes and no. You can definitely wear a matching set if that’s what you want, but if you do definitely mix and match those pieces later for fresh new outfits! Our Criss Cross Hologram Halter Top is the perfect match for our Cross Cross Hologram High Waisted Shorts, but why go for the obvious? In my opinion, the top looks even better with these Hologram Daisy High Waisted Shorts. To mix and match without clashing, I generally stay within the same color schemes or when in doubt pair with neutral or complimentary colors. If you have a hard time figuring out complementary colors, pull up a color wheel! Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel 😉

Break All The Rules!

People always think there is a right and a wrong way to wear things, but the truth is – there’s not. Wear your clothes however the fuck you wanna wear it! You can tie things however you want. Our bikini tops, Savage Wrap Around Top and Wrap Around Halter Top give you a lot of flexibility in styling as you can wrap yourself up any way you want, but sometimes it’s not always that obvious. Just experiment and you’ll stumble into something awesome soon enough! Try things on backwards as well! This one we discovered completely by accident. During one of our product shoots, our model put on the Suede Side Lace Up Bodysuit backward and it was still CUTE AF! So cute that Tiny Dancer and I actually wore it this way at Middlelands.

Now that you’ve gotten through all of my little tips and tricks hopefully you see your rave wardrobe in a whole new light! There’s no shame in throwing a mini fashion show starring you for your rave squad or S.O. so bust out your rave clothes and try all the pieces in ways you’ve never thought of! Trust me, you’ll be surprised at all amazing looks you can come up with 🙂

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