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Festival Season For Your Zodiac Sign
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Festival Season Horoscopes For Your Zodiac Sign!

What’s your sign? Astrology and horoscopes are a great ice breaker and even if you don’t believe them 100%, they’re still fun to read! Take a look at your festival season zodiac sign horoscope below and find out what your sign says about the way you rave and what you can do to have an even better festival season this year. This horoscope is just for fun and is based off of the characteristics of each zodiac sign, enjoy!


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Aries are naturally very courageous, energetic and adventurous at heart which is pretty much the perfect formula for an epic weekend! People under the Aries sign aren’t afraid to be themselves and their amazing energy will definitely keep everyone around them pumped and ready to have a great night. Aries tend to be a little impatient sometimes, which might suck when situations like long lines to get inside pop up. When it comes to stuff like that, remember not to fret too much. Aries must remember to keep calm and go with the flow to have an amazing festival season!

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Tauruses are a very loving and reliable ravers which is why a Taurus’ rave buddies, and everyone else for that matter, always seem to gravitate toward them! A Taurus know how to keep the PLUR vibes alive through their loving energy so they are sure to have a festival season that is filled with lots of good vibes that come right back to them. Tauruses will always look out for their friends so they make great rave parents. Sometimes Tauruses find themselves stuck in routine or mindset, so don’t be afraid to switch it up. If you and your friends usually go to a certain stage and someone wants to try a different one then go for it, you just might end up discovering a whole new experience and fall in love!

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Geminis are curious and love to talk, so having a good time and leaving the rave with a whole group of new friends by the end of the night is almost always a guarantee! With this festival season, Geminis can expect to have a great time with old friends while also making many new friends. Geminis never have to worry about how the night will turn out, because they know how to turn any situation into good time! There is never a dull moment when a Gemini is around, but sometimes they can get stuck in “go mode”, so Geminis need to make sure to take a step back and really appreciate the experience, take it all in, and there should be lots of amazing nights that will turn into unforgettable memories.

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Cancers are naturally very loving so being at a rave definitely gives them all the feels and boosts their emotions to a whole new height! This is a Cancer’s happy place, and just hearing the words “festival season” gets their heart pumpin’ and makes them feel good from the inside out! Being a Cancer means that sometimes you are unable to let go and don’t like much change, so this year Cancers should make a point to try to step outside of their comfort zone! Cancers always have a good time at a rave and can be happy in their routines, but just think of all the new possibilities that come with trying something new!

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Leos are very fun, generous and faithful! They can often be found at the center of their rave crew dancing their hearts out. Everyone in a Leo’s rave fam trusts them and they are always looking out for everybody! This kind of attitude always attracts lots of loving friends around them. Their warmhearted and enthusiastic energy will have them surrounded by lots of love at all the raves. Being that Leos are usually the leader of the group, they care about everyone and are always looking out for everybody’s best interest, but if they can let go of the worries of watching over everyone, drop some of the control and just roll with the punches, they will get to enjoy all their experiences even more!

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Ravers born under this Earth sign are super reliable and smart which definitely impresses everyone who crosses their path. This festival season Virgos will find that their charm will keep everybody they meet intrigued! Whenever Virgos go out they are definitely the voice of reason. They are practical and everyone holds on to their every word. Since everyone is inclined to listen to a Virgo’s reasoning, they shouldn’t  be afraid to let their imagination run wild! Take a step back from all the logic and just let lose! Sometimes the best surprises are unexpected and came from things that sounded too good to be true. There are a million and one different amazing things that can happen during the night so try not to be afraid of dreaming big! Virgos must remember to open their minds to new possibilities in order to have an epic festival season!

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Raver Libras are very easy going and social, which is exactly the attitude that thrives at a rave! Libras are easy to talk to and can easily make life long festie besties with ravers they just met that night. It’s easy to hang out with a Libra and feel like you have known them forever as they make everyone around them feel super comfortable. Libra’s can also be a little indecisive sometimes. It is best if Libras try to stick with their gut feelings instead of sitting on the fence. Spend less time pondering the pros and cons and more time enjoying your night!

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Scorpios are a very exciting ravers to be around. Their powerful and passionate attitude is magnetic! A Scorpio’s energy as a whole is very charming so it’s only right that they will make some real connections this festival season! Scorpios are definitely huge lovers…until they catch a whiff of bad vibes from someone. Scorpios have a very real, “what you see is what you get” personality and very quickly sense personalities that they feel may be not as authentic as theirs, but sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Be careful not to jump to conclusions too quickly Scorpio, you just might end up having the time of your life with someone you least expected!

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Sagittarians are all about peace, love and good times, which at a rave equals fun, fun and more fun! Sagittarians give off lots of PLUR vibes and whenever it looks like there might be something negative, they quickly turn it into a positive. Their optimistic attitude keeps everybody around them happy and feeling good. No matter what is thrown their way, they are guaranteed to have an epic night! Brutal honesty is a trait that all Sagittarians have. It is both a great thing and something that can get them in trouble. While they are very trustworthy, Sagittarians will tell you the truth, even if it hurts. They must remember to be careful of the way they phrase things because they often may not realize that sometimes they can be a little too honest. Just remember, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, keep spreading those PLUR vibes, and you will definitely have an amazing festival season!

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Capricorns are very ambitious and disciplined, so when there is something that needs to be done, Capricorns are the ones who wont quit until it’s done! Whether it’s finding the perfect hotel, making the best kandi, or getting enough money to buy a rave ticket, if there is something a Capricorn really wants, they get it and aren’t afraid to work for it! A Capricorn’s mind is always focused on the next task that need to be accomplished, and getting it done before they can relax, so with this festival season, Capricorns should make sure they take time to really enjoy themselves! This festival season, Capricorns should aim to set aside their less pressing business and enjoy their day of less work and more play! Keep optimistic about all the wonderful things the night holds, let go of all the worries of real life, and have a great time!

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Aquarians are are one of the friendliest signs out there, and friendly people always make more friends! Aquarians are always surrounded by friends who genuinely love and care about them so they never have to worry about how the night will end, because with all the love they have around them, it’s always going to be a night to remember! Aquarians should be unapologetic about who they are this festival season. Their fun loving energy will continue to attract like minded people! Aquarians can be a bit unpredictable at times, but as long they keep their friendly attitude constant, their festival season is sure to be amazing!

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Pisces are very imaginative so all the excitement of the rave is exactly what gets them going! The lights, the music, the people, the atmosphere, it’s all of these things combined that really keeps their heart smiling. They will feel the ultimate happiness as soon as they step foot inside a rave this season! Pisces are also very selfless so everyone seems to lean on them when they need a little lift up. A Pisces’ caring energy makes everyone turn to them which is amazing. Keep giving advice, helping, and being there for everyone! But this festival season, raver Pisces need to also make sure they take time to care about themselves too.

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