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Ravin’ On A Budget: How EDC Hooked It Up

I’m a college student, like a great deal of those who attend Electric Daisy Carnival.  Honestly, traveling to Las Vegas wasn’t necessarily “in my budget”. As most know, Vegas can be very expensive.  However, Rotella makes it a little easier by offering payment plans and giving us months notice to prepare.  I had a great time in Vegas this year, even outside of the festival I got to take in a lot of what the city had to offer.  Nonetheless, I still had a budget, and when you have a budget you take advantage of the discounted or free things that are offered to you.  I know a paid 400+ for a ticket, shuttle, and all of the other expenses that come with EDC, but after attending I without a doubt feel that every penny was worth spending.  I put together a little list of some of the things that EDC offered that were completely free of charge (outside of your ticket expense, obviously) that made the festival experience all the more worth while.  

The Tickets

Receiving your tickets is an experience in itself.  They’re delivered in a large, book-like box that is designed around the Owl-Daisy theme.  Plus, it’s filled with tons of goodies.  Not only do you get your much anticipated wristband, but also a booklet telling you all about EDC in addition to a sticker for your car.  Last year it included a flash light and a key-chain, and this year it was a bracelet with a unique charm and a bag tag for your luggage.  The little goodies make you realize that your experience is approaching rather quickly. *Tip for future purchases, my boyfriend and I bought our tickets together and only received one box….make separate orders for each ticket to get a box for each person, the cost is the same either way. (:


The Shuttle Lines

Every festival has a horrific line of some sort, and for EDC we have all heard horror stories of waiting in a never ending line in the blistering Las Vegas heat after a night of raging.  Well, fear not! Rotella is here! ….but seriously
The lines seemed to be some-what of an issue day one, at least form what I heard.  However, by the end of day two I heard great things about the reduced lines and issues regarding shuttles.  In fact a lot of people commented on how smoothly they went they second day.  Not to mention { my personal favorite part } the FREE water AND RedBulls that were handed upon approaching the shuttles.  First of all, yes those are two things that I most definitely need and want before embarking on a 10 hour long evening of raging my face off.  Secondly, I probably wouldn’t have treated myself to those things otherwise. 

Best part about an OG raver being the one who runs the festival you’re attending, he knows exactly what you want. 

Thought it couldn’t get any better?  Well, you’re wrong.  There were also FREE 7Ups being handed out early in the morning when you arrived back at your shuttle stop.  For me personally, I had to walk a good bit back to my hotel (poor planning and lack of research on shuttle locations, total n00b move on my end), but having a cold, carbonated, and refreshing drink the moment I got off that shuttle made the walk a hell of a lot more bearable. 

The EDC Town 

If you didn’t stop by this location then you really missed out…  There was not only a ton of stuff to discover, but also places to kick back, relax, and enjoy some of the free goodies that EDC had to offer.  The EDC Town was located between the neonGARDEN and cosmicMEADOW. It could easily be spotted by the large Buddha monument that marked a grassy area made for the ultimate chill zone.  *Also a great meeting spot, might I add. 

The town was small, maybe five or six buildings. One in which was the wedding chapel that EDC totally upgraded this year, making getting married on the Las Vegas Speedway all the more appealing.  However, that wasn’t even the highlight (unless you were lucky enough to get married there of course…)  The highlight was the EDC Post Office, hands down.  At the EDC Post Office you could send out and unlimited amount of specialty post cards to whom ever your pretty heart desired… From a business standpoint, it’s pure genius.  It’s basically free advertising.  If you choose to send one to yourself (which isn’t a bad idea) it’s a free souvenir.  Let’s not forget that EDC Las Vegas fell on Father’s Day weekend this year, and you bet your ass I sent one to my dad.  A lot of individuals who attend EDC are lucky enough to have parents who fund their extravagant festival experiences, and if that’s the case for you….I sure hope you at least sent a free post card.  The concept is adorable, and very unique. 

Venturing further into the town there was a movie theater that stuck my interest… the guy serving popcorn was quite the character and tells you to come on in and take a seat.  Let me start off by saying that the popcorn was surprisingly pretty good { and also f r e e } and when you walk into the “theater” you see couches and pillows all over the place and an old silent black and white film is playing on the screen in front of you.  One word: AWESOME!
It was a great escape from all the madness outside and gave your mind and body a little bit of rest, while also refuling with some simple carbs.  

The EDC Town made adventuring off and wondering around all the more interesting and entertaining. 


Carnival Square

In the center of EDC you stumble upon Carnival Square and all of the glorious things it had to offer this year. 
One for example was the Secret Deodorant Booth in one of the corners.  If you’re a girl, this was not only a clutch thing to stumble upon, but a life saver nonetheless.  Here you could get face wipes and a clear look in the mirror to touch up your makeup.  They also offered free deodorant { hallelujah } and breath mints.  Plus, for the boys, comfortable seats to sit on while waiting on your woman to get her sh*t together. 

However, it wasn’t the Secret Booth that kept me coming back to carnival square (or even all of the awesome food for that matter) but the should-be-famous photo takers. There was a team of about five people in Carnival Square all weekend who would take instant { and f r e e } Instax photos of you and your friends.  The location for them was awesome because in a majority of the pictures I got from them a ferris wheel is perfectly pictured in the background.  Not to mention when phones start dying, every group wants that one picture from each day, and nothing does it quite like a classic Polaroid type Instax photo.  Their job was obviously to get the word out on the cameras, and it legitimately worked because I left looking at my photo souvenirs, with polka dot boarders, telling my boyfriend “I want one of these”. No kidding, I got a picture from them each day of EDC and I absolutely love each and everyone. 


Kandi Shop

For more than one reason, this spot was always poppin’! Couldn’t fly with all of your kandi?  No worries, EDC has the hook up on that, too.  Here you could get endless amounts of Kandi making supplies and make it right there on the spot.  For those of you who don’t make Kandi often, are you aware of how incredible it is that you could have such a vast source of Kandi making gear?  Talk about all of the vowels you could ever dream of…to no surprise, it gets better.  The “Kandi Shop” was also handing out free candy….Sour Punch Straws and Red Vines, to be exact.  Let me tell you how much I loved that when I was craving something sweet but just couldn’t put my finger on what I wanted.  Sure, we might not have been allowed to bring lollipops in, but Rotella didn’t leave us hangin’.

Recycle Station

I’m not sure if there was only one (because EDC is huge so who the f*ck knows…) but there should have been one near every stage.  In fact, every festival should take some advice from EDC and have one of these booths. 

At the Recycle Station you could bring water bottles and cans and exchange them for EDC merch.  THIS IS BLOODLY BRILLIANT! They hand you a sheet of paper with a list of how much everything costs in terms of bottles and cans, and on the back is a punch card that they stamp with the amount you turn in each time.  Meaning, you can build up your number all three days until you get enough for the exact item (or items) that you want.  Genius. 

First off, again for those who are like me and on a serious budget, this is a GREAT way to get something awesome to take home with you while also helping out the venue.  It took me all of 10min to come across sixteen bottles/cans.  My boyfriend and I turned them in and got TWO EDC keychains and TWO drawstring EDC backpacks!  And we were on the lower end because I definitely saw some people getting t-shirts and hats at the cost of nothing but there time and help.  This gave everyone (no matter what your budget was) the opportunity to bring something home with you. You could ever get beats headphones or a pair of vans if you were really determined….
Not to mention that the area near this location was almost spotless from people cleaning up the bottles and cans around it.  I mean, I had to venture pretty far to even find any bottles…More venues and festivals should do this because it makes attendees aware of the trash around them and actively involves them in the clean up process. 

The Insomniac Magazine

These were handed out as your leaving the festival, this magazine is filled with interesting reads, pictures, and experiences revolving around Electric Daisy Carnival.  Its’ not flimsy like your typical magazine, and resembles more of a book.  It’s sturdy and makes for an awesome take-home gift or share with the parents.  Its allows you to have more of a look into just what EDC really is, and the efforts that go into it.  I mean, what other festival actually gives you a magazine to take home with you?  The art in the book is breath taking and original.  Each year a new design is shared and a theme is upheld throughout the magazine, and you guessed it….its free. 

After leaving EDC (and even a little before) I heard a lot of people complaining about the price, which is something I really can’t understand…. Out of all of my friends, I’m definitely more on the thrifty side then most. So for me to not suffer from buyers remorse…..its kind of a shock.  And even after the stages are gone and the music ends, I have a little piece of EDC to take home with me.  

So if you attended this year or looking to go in the future, take all of time in the world to explore the playground that is EDC, beyond just the stages.  Walk around and talk to strangers and look for things you don’t expect, because they are waiting to be found.  EDC has a lot to offer, and it doesn’t take an artist pass or VIP seating to discover it.  

From the production, to the line-up, and all of the goodies dispersed in between, you see where your money goes.  You see the effort that Rotella and his team have put forth in making sure your experience is unique, and beyond what you could have imagined. 


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