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What Is A Raver Supposed To Look Like?
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What Is A Raver Supposed To Look Like?

When it comes to raves, I see people of all ages, ethnicity, and genders. I see people from all over the world, each one is unique and different. At raves we are all decked out in our bright colors and cool costumes, but outside of raves, when we go to work, when we go to school and in our everyday lives we aren’t always wearing all that. We come from all over the place and from all walks of life, so you can’t really tell who raves and who doesn’t. There are a lot of stereotypes about ravers, but as with all stereotypes, they’re not always true. 

I am currently attending a TV hosting academy. One day the assignment was to make up a show that we would love to host. So I got in front of the camera and hosted as if I was hosting for some type of EDM show and when I was done my teacher for that day said to me, “you did great, it surprised me because you don’t look like the raver type”. I wasn’t offended at all because I understand that people who don’t go to raves probably have a distorted idea of what a “raver” looks like, but then it made me think, why do some people have a set image of what a raver looks like? Maybe it’s because I don’t have that 90’s raver look, maybe it’s because I’m not wearing pasties and a kandi mask, I don’t know what the reason is, but whatever the reason, I know that there isn’t only one look when it comes to a raver.

The funny thing about it is that there are so many ravers around the world, but when we aren’t wearing our kandi or rave gear it’s not as obvious. I have seen people who work as nurses by day and turn into a PLUR princess by night, but I guess if other people don’t see us in our rave clothes all day they wouldn’t know. Outside of the raves, sometimes I wear a few of my favorite kandi bracelets with my everyday outfits, but other than that I don’t walk around with my leg wraps and glitter bras, so I wouldn’t expect people just walking down the street to know that I’m a raver if they don’t know me personally, but when it comes to the word “raver”, I don’t think there should only be one certain type of image that pops in your head when you think of that word. There are so many ravers who look completely different from each other, so to me, I think it’s kind of hard to stereotype what a raver should physically look like.

I guess what it really comes down to is that people sometimes stereotype what they don’t know or understand, and it’s not that they are necessarily being mean or judging on purpose, they just haven’t been to raves so they don’t know what it’s like. It’s just like that one person who never wanted to go to a rave and always had something bad to say about it, but then when they finally experience it for themselves, they fall in love with the scene and then they finally start understanding what it’s all about. No, all ravers don’t have a certain look, and as for all the other stereotypes out there about us, all of those aren’t true for everyone either. Everybody is their own individual and the rave community is actually one of the most diverse out there! Ravers come in all colors, shapes and sizes. So when you hear a raver stereotype, don’t get offended, lets just continue to educate others on the great lifestyle we live and show them what a raver really is!

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