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Raver Problems

When we fall into misfortunes we usually only think, “Why me?!” when in reality it happens to everyone else too! I’ve definitely had my share of raver problems and feel the pain that others go through when they experience it as well. How many of these raver problems can you check off?

The tragedy...

The tragedy…

 Spilling your beads everywhere. Whether you accidentally hit an open box or while you’re tying a finished piece…the struggle is real. The absolute worst is when your beads are organized by color! 🙁

Waiting on a friend that takes forever to get ready. You’d think it would take me forever to get ready; I’m usually waiting on my boyfriend and I take a little less than an hour.





Getting glitter everywhere. If you’re a girl, you know what’s up. After hugging everyone, you’ve infected them with your glittery body and after you get out of the car there’s glitter EVERYWHERE. Don’t worry too much, it will only take FOREVER for them to get out.




Running out of water. Your favorite DJ is on and you’re dying of thirst. Become dehydrated or leave to refill?
running out of water

Losing your friends. Usually it’s okay when you lose your friends since you’ll make new friends anyways, but the initial 30-50 minutes of panic is no bueno. 

Not being able to handle life. I just…can’t sometimes. When my favorite song drops, I’m too stunned to do anything. When I see an ex that I wasn’t expecting to see, I freeze before I run.

Ravers who say PLUR is dead. *Rolls eyes and sighs*. PLUR is only dead when you say it’s dead. You gotta live it to keep it alive!

plur dead

Stop being a slowpoke guys

Headliner plays an amazing song & no one knows what it’s called. And Shazaam doesn’t work because there’s no reception. WHYYYYY?!

No more tradable kandi. I meet someone awesome and want to give them kandi, but I’ve ran out. Either that or I have one but it’s not worthy of their awesomeness. That always happens…

A single breaking while you’re trading. This is even worse than having no more tradables. The one that was chosen especially just for that person decided it wasn’t meant to be.

Trains. Love them, but hate them. WHEN WILL THE LINE OF PEOPLE END?!

Your favorite DJ is on, but your rave family wants to go see someone else.

Picking between two DJs that are on at the same time. It’s as if someone in Insomniac has a vendetta out for you. You want to see the entire set because half won’t do it justice.

 Porta Potties. Just…no.

Too much smoke. All of my friends smoke and I don’t have any other way of dealing with it other than moving away from them. It sucks. At least at some venues is open air, but others not so much.

Creepers. Ladies, you know who I’m talking about.

Being shoved around. I don’t mind people trying to get pass/around me, but can you at least say “excuse me” or “please”?!

People stepping on your fluffies. I have to stop dancing and push my boyfriend off me sometimes to get him from ruining my beautiful iHeartRaves fluffies. Ugh…


Shufflers taking up space to shuffle. Cool moves bro, but I’m squished over here trying to dance and have fun. Move to the back please.

Dude, where’s my car? After hours of dancing and having fun, all you want to do is go home and pass out. But, where’s your ride?
find your car 

So exhausted after an event and you say, “This is my last _____”. Who are you kidding? Once a raver, ALWAYS A RAVER <3

I know we’ve all struggled with these things at one point, but always remember that you’re not alone! We ravers stick together and we will help you get through the pain and aches. So this festival season, make sure that no raver gets left behind!

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All Raver Problems were shot by Far Cry Studio-Z

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