Porter Robinson’s Worlds: A Musical Journey

Porter Robinson’s Worlds album and tour has won praise across the globe. Porter has graced small stages and headlined big festivals and is revered as one of the best DJs right now. While many love his usual style and hits like  100% in the Bitch, Vandalism, and the taste of his new style in Language, everyone has raved over his animated new show. His sound has really changed over the last couple years, but is Worlds worth all the hype?

I saw Porter Robinson for the first time at the Amphitheater Event Facility in Ybor, Florida last November (See photo below). This show was not full by any means. The venue itself was pretty intimate. If you’ve ever seen his Worlds tour, you know Porter’s visuals are breath taking. He uses anime, 8 bit and other stunning effects for a completely unique show. With his amazing visuals and his unique sound, Porter is able to connect with his audience on a personal level that most EDM artists aren’t able to do. Worlds transports you to a different well, world. I felt nostalgia for my anime loving childhood. Not only did the show make me nostalgic of my childhood days, Worlds itself is a beautiful album and Worlds LIVE is masterfully crafted to evoke emotion from everyone in the audience.

The second time I saw Porter Robinson perform Worlds was at Sunset Music Festival in May. This second show was simply amazing and  different than the last Worlds show I saw. Some may think Worlds is too slow for them, but at this show Porter used dirty, more bass driven transitions to integrate his set together and capture his audience. The visuals were different but just as amazing as the first show.

Porter was able to bring me to tears each time I saw him. The music appeals to all ages and all audiences. The visuals are amazing and his performance is outstanding each time. If you have the opportunity to see Porter Robinson perform Worlds I highly recommend it! And don’t be disappointed if he starts off a little slower than you’re used to, just enjoy the musical adventure he’s about to take you on!

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