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POPNYE’s Raver Resolutions

Every year we hope to leave behind the past become a better version of ourselves and every year we hear the generic resolutions of eating healthier, spending more time with friends and family, and going to the gym to lose weight. Yet most of the resolutions that I hear from people are empty promises that are only made because it is expected of them. To be perfectly honest, why bother saying something you don’t mean? Life is too short to be filled with false promises, hopes, and dreams, so leave all of that garbage in 2015 and say hello to a new year! This New Years Eve I sought out what other raver’s are looking forward to the new year and what their resolutions are. 


Chris (left) and friend

Chris: My new year’s resolution would have to be P.L.U.R. all the time. Life is too short for drama. You can be here one minute then gone the next, that’s why I cherish every moment that I spend with my friends and family


Robert (left) and friend

Robert: I have a few resolutions that I am aiming for in 2016. Outside of music there are 2 goals I have: first is to start exercising more, I know cliche. Last year I changed up my diet and saw a change. Next step is to be more active to get into better shape. My other resolution is to find a new job. I’ve been with my current company for 10 years and don’t see a position I’d like to move up to, but I need to advance in life. Music wise I am going to expand my horizons. Not just in finding new music, but going to new places for new experiences. I already have that in motion as I will be attending Ultra Miami and EDC Vegas both for the first time this year. And to be sure to remember these new experiences, I will take more photos with more people to make sure they last a lifetime.


Nate: To find a balance between rave life and reality. And to build another EDC Death Star

cosmic lion

Cosmic Lion (right) and friend **name changed to rave name!**

Cosmic Lion: My resolution is to take the love, open acceptance, and good vibes that I’ve learned from the rave community and apply it to my everyday life.

Ali (far right) and friends

Ali (far right) and friends

Ali: My new years resolution is to get into graduate school for nano chemistry!


Oxana (right) and I (left)

Oxana: In this new year, I hope to live in the moment as much as possible, stress less about the future, spend more time and effort cultivating better relationships with the people I love <3


Kim: I’m always on the lookout for fellow ravers that are not doing so well. It’s just a natural instinct for me to help people because at the end of the day we all should be able to have a good time. The worst is to go to an event and hear bad news about another attendee. My resolution for this year is to continue to helping others, but I would really like to volunteer at a future event to solely help those in need.
Mike: I’m a self taught shuffler and I’m always getting lots of encouragement from seasoned shufflers. The shuffling community seems to grow every year, but it can be intimidating for newbies who have never done it. My goal for this year is to try to teach people who have never done it and give them the courage to try it out and know they won’t be judged.

Pop NYE was a night filled with not only beautiful trance (minus Dada Life), but beautiful people as well. Their resolutions reflect their ambitious goals in life, but they also all long for one thing: to be happy in 2016. This new year I want all ravers to challenge themselves and push themselves to be bigger, better, and greater. Nothing should hold you back from achieving something you’ve always wanted and the road may be a long, dreary, and painful path, but in the end you’ll look back and think, “Wow, I can’t believe that I thought this wasn’t possible!”

So chase your dreams this new year and have a fantastic 2016!

Jake and I matching at POP NYE! :D

Jake and I matching at POP NYE! 😀

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