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Lights All Night Recap
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Lights All Night 2014 Recap

Like a good Dallas raver, I eagerly await Lights All Night (LAN) every year more than I do Christmas. As a 3rd year LAN veteran, I believe each festival is better than the previous year and this year was no exception. The morning of the event, my festie bestie, Princess Plur, and I woke to celebrate the arrival of long waited rave day with mimosas and a last minute kandi making session.

Last minute kandi session!

We were so excited, we made sure the rave fam was on time and we were all rave ready by 5:30pm. At the venue, parking was easy and fairly close, but expensive ($20 per car). After a brief, but freezing walk, we joined the security line at the Dallas Convention Center around 6pm. Hands down: FASTEST security I’ve ever been through! The security basically waved us on through. Of course they peeked inside our bags, pat us down, and made us take off our shoes, but it was bare minimum business. Keep in mind, we got there pretty early and we spoke with a lot of people who arrived later and claimed security was a hassle. After a long flight of stairs, we strode into the Mothership 2.0 (main stage) with that “we finally made it” swag; jumping to the bass and warming up our shuffling shoes.


The lights were mesmerizing as they flashed on the screens behind the DJ and colorful lasers shot back into the crowd along with the beat. Once I see those lights, that’s when it hits me, “I’m really here” and I immediately get busy making memories and friends while enjoying the music that accompanies my every moment in life. The Dallas Convention Center is a great venue to for events. It is big enough to host two main stages, yet small enough to move from stage to stage quickly. This way, we were able to enjoy both stages and we got to see every DJ we wanted to even when set times overlapped or we were on a time crunch. Not to mention, the floors are smooth and great for shuffling! The only part of the venue I did not like was the 21 and up area, which is the only area where alcohol was served and only attendees 21 and over were permitted inside.  “Outside drinks” were not allowed in the isolated area and if you bought an alcoholic beverage, it had to be completed before your departure from the 21 and over area. This was frustrating because we missed the freedom of being able to walk around and enjoy the music & the poeple where we pleased (forget about going into the crowd) all because one member of the group wanted a beer. We ended up forgetting the alcohol and just focused on the experience. Despite the disappointment of the 21 & up area, I am a fan of the indoor venue, especially with such cold weather and our little rave outfits.


Ladies, let’s talk outfits! For day 1, we pranced between the Mothership and the Drop as unicorns with antipode color schemes. Pricess Plur and I rocked J. Valentine Inc hoods (Deluxe and Black Magic Unicorn Hoods). I wore black Ribbon Tie Bottoms over a red romper and sequin bra paired with red leg wraps and black fluffies. Princess Plur styled her Deluxe Unicorn hood with baby pink Ribbon Tie Bottoms over a white romper and sequin bra paired with baby blue leg wraps and white fluffies. ((Most of these items can be found on iHeartRaves.com)). For day 2, we grooved at the Mothership all night as PLURmaids with seashell bras made by Princess Plur, blue and pink wigs, and Mermaid Micro Cut Out Bottoms for Princess Plur and gold Mermaid Scrunch Back Ribbon Tie Bottoms for me (both bottoms are part of the iHeartRaves PLURmaid collection). Finally, we topped off each of our outfits with matching perlers, kandi cuffs, and singles made in the spirit of PLUR.


As fun as the outfits were, let’s talk get to the main reason we were all there, the music. We spent the start of the evening dancing and starting shuffle circles to Tchami and Boys Noize on the first night, and to Paradise, Botnek, Firebeatz, Audien, Seven Lions, the Chainsmokers, and Odeza the second night. The headliner lineup was a perfect representation of the diverse faces of EDM and included some of the most loved genres including: Electro House (Zedd), Dubstep (Skrillex), Deep House (Disclosure), and Trance (Armin van Buuren). That of which could only be closed with the Armin’s captivating and awe-inspiring “A State of Trance.” Armin van Buuren started early and even played well past his time so that we may experience those last precious “feels” before the festival’s end and it’s back to reality instead of the absolute dream we get to experience once a year. What a glorious way to celebrate the ending of an incredible year and to bask in the hope of a good year to come. Light’s All Night had a killer line up, great venue, and amazing vibes. All in all, we had a great experience and can’t wait to be back next year!

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