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Lightning In A Bottle: Time to Study Up! | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Lightning In A Bottle: Time to Study Up!

Photos by me, lineup graphics provided by LIB.

OMG you guys. Lightning in A Bottle is only a month away, and there’s so much to plan. To make it easy, I’m going to do some big posts like this one that captures all the activity in one place so you can save and reference and share with your group to plan your experience! The first big section we are going to explore is the Compass. Compass is the overall theme this year for the exploration and learning experiences at LIB, and has a lot of things going on.

Lightning in A Bottle takes place May 24-29, 2017 in Bradley, CA — which is about half way between LA and SF. Topping my list of favorite festivals, LIB is much more than just a rave or music festival. It’s a full-on experience with so much to explore. In order to get the most from LIB, you want to read up on all the offerings beforehand so you don’t get overwhelmed upon arrival.

Compass Area Spotlight: Crossroads

The Crossroads area celebrates the natural collision of cultural exchange, with a focus on global music and dance. So if you want to move your body while learning, this is the place to go.


Compass Area Spotlight: Brunch Royale Menu

That’s right, brunch at LIB, but of course, it’s more than your basic LA brunch. This is a gender fluid gospel opera brunch, featuring a 3 course farm-to-festival menu. It costs $65 and is sure to tickle your tastebuds and earbuds. Each session is hosted by the Va-Shee Qweens with special guest Diva Ashley Knight and DJs at each meal too. Register here.


Compass Area Spotlight: The Learning Kitchen

The Learning Kitchen has been a place for me that I’ve yet to fully explore. I’ve walked past some lectures that didn’t connect to my diet, but I’m hoping this year to find one that I really want to try. There’s a lot on the list so I know I’ll find something! You can already count me in for Pickling 101 and Life of the Party: Creative and Nourishing Party Food Spreads.


Compass Area Spotlight: Music 

I’m pretty unfamiliar with most of these artists, but it would be cool to check out some new music!


Compass Area Spotlight: The Beacon Lineup

I have to directly quote the LIB page when it says: “At Lightning in a Bottle, a cultural lighthouse guides those seeking community and connection of all forms to its shores.” The focus this year at the Beacon is “Illuminating Our World: Visionary Guidance for Strange Times”. Mixing practicality and mysticism, an array of workshops, panels and rituals encourage us to raise our voice and assume the responsibility we have to ourselves, each other and the earth. 

I find that when I have the program at LIB and I get to read little blurbs on each topic, it is easier for me to decide which ones to attend. But I know I definitely want to try some of the morning rituals this year.


Compass Area Spotlight: Craft

I’m definitely a hands on, DIY type of person. As part of the overall LIB theme this year, the Craft area’s focus is “Making Our World: The Revolution Will Be Handmade”. The workshops and seminars here will teach personal skills, self-actualization, and community awareness. I can’t wait to as many of these as I can.


While this might feel like I’ve covered it all, there’s still lots more going on a LIB to explore. I’ll be sure to share some more information in the next coming weeks as I see it come up, as well as dive into the music and food to be explored at LIB in more depth. Tickets are still on sale, but this festival is going to sell out again this year, so buy them earlier vs later. And don’t forget to add a $2 carbon offset to your ticket purchase 🙂 it’s at the bottom of the page when you pick your tickets!


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