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Keeping PLUR Alive | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Keeping PLUR Alive

In the hustle and bustle of mainstream EDM it’s easy to forget what the music festival and electronic dance music community has stood for since the way back 80’s. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (aka PLUR) has been the rave mantra for decades but what does it mean?

PLUR is all about being good people and having an awesome time enjoying awesome music together. It’s about having no hostility towards people, sharing acts of goodwill and love, to be united under the human condition and respect not only each other but the environment we’re in too.

PLUR at its core means sharing good vibes with your raving community. Raves began as a place where even the people who didn’t feel like they belonged anywhere else could be a part of something.

So how do we keep PLUR alive in the popular, rapidly growing EDM community?

At Sunset Music Festival 2015, seasoned festival goer Lindsay told me her ways of keeping PLUR alive and what PLUR means to her. “It’s about the community, the friendships you make here are friends for life.”

As Lindsay enters and leaves a festival she gives compliments to twenty random people. “If I can make someone’s day just by complimenting their outfit why not?” she said.

Lindsay carries water spritzers to help cool people down at music festivals. She carried more to help others at music festivals than she did for herself.

As you enter the EDM scene embrace these principles and our community will grow and flourish to be better than it has ever been before.

Here are some of my easy ways to keep PLUR alive!

  1. Meet someone new!

                 Just approach someone new and make a friend! Or even go out of your way just to compliment someone.

  1. Pick up some trash and throw it away!

                  And if you have to throw a water bottle on the floor take the cap off so no one trips over it as badly.

  1. If you see someone who needs help, HELP THEM

                    This can be anything from someone who looks like they need water, lost or injured. Maybe there’s nothing wrong but it’s still good to check and make sure you’ve done everything you could to help.


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