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In love? Or In your feels?
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In love or Just the Feels?

With festival season in full swing, you get to meet so many people, some that become your festie besties, or even the love of your life…or maybe not. Do you find yourself staring at couples at raves, and wishing that was you or that you had someone to share the moment with. Well it has become quite a big deal among certain people, guys and girls, looking for that special “Rave Bae”. From Twitter to Instagram you see accounts made specifically for finding “the one”. Instagram account @singleravers is the most popular uniting ravers from all over at events. But the most common way of possibly meeting your rave love is actually during events. Couples that rave together stay together right? Not necessarily…

Yes, there is a amazing chance that you meet the love of your life at a event. But sometimes there’s a difference between being in love with the person and in love with the moment. We’ve all been there before. I have definitely had my fair share of event feels. You’re seeing your favorite DJ, the lasers are shining across the venue, you look over and you see someone and there’s an instant connection. Don’t know how, don’t know why, but it happens. You end up spending the rest of the night with them, maybe hook up, or just get a couple shoulder rides and take cute pictures. But what happens after? Do you exchange numbers? Maybe go to an after party with them? Or…just never see them again. 

EDCNY Couple

Getting caught up in the idea of  keeping in contact or maybe even starting something new is where the real struggle begins. You might live really far away from each other, you might not have as many things in common other than raving, or it just isn’t as magical after a event; which is more common than you would think. Stay friends? Possibly, but what if another event comes along? Deja vu? That’s up to you if you want to see them again. If it only clicks in the moment, its only in the moment. Don’t keep yourself from having more fun with your good friends when you know what could happen with your rave “love” the last time. But if there’s hope and the connection is still there from the first time I’m all for a good second try.

On the flip side, sometimes finding someone at an events is just NOT MEANT TO BE. Be respectful if a girl or guy doesn’t really want you. Don’t be that girl, or guy that is there just for a hook up. Yes, guys are shirtless and girls are dolled up, but that doesn’t give any consent to be touchy, feely, or grabby. The things we wear are for self expression, they make us feel sexy, yes, but unless you are given the ok, its not ok. Events are very important to a lot of us, and the memories we make we hold forever. If you’re only there to drink your kool-aid, and get some ass, don’t come. Most people are looking to share a connection, not a sloppy person just trying to grind up on you.

If your reading this and thinking of someone you met who was only right in the moment, at least you will have the best memories of that moment and you will look back and smile because you did get to be that “rave couple goals” even if it was just for a little while. Don’t let it get you down, there is hope to find someone in a middle of a crowd, during your favorite DJ’s set. You might not even know it, but you might find the one at your next event. Or you could even give Single Ravers a try! Keep looking cute, and raging hard.


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