Happy Valentine’s Day from LondonBridge!

I would like you to imagine it’s elementary school again. You have turned your empty Kleenex box into a cherub loving heart covered display of affection and now have more valentines than ever before.

And underneath the printed cards covered with the visages of Barbie, Power Puff Girls and various Super Heroes you find a little felt conversation heart that is emblazened with “Crazy For You” on one side and “play me” on the other. That is how I wish I could deliver this song to each and every one of you (my favorite Valentines of all)! Alas a link to Soundcloud will have to do! Share this song with the house and techno lovers in your life and heart and I guarantee it is sure to help reach that much desired status of  “chill” later tonight even better than Netflix!  


For more information and fun heart filled pictures:

Crazy For You Facebook

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