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EDM Dance Forms: How Do You Vibe?

The rave community is all about self expression. Many come to each event only to sing, dance, and get lost in the music. Others have their own special ways of feeling the music and expressing it. Many forms of art have come along as years passed, gloving, shuffling, hooping are among the most popular. It has blown up over social media with many people sharing their craft through videos and people like Pasquale Rotella sharing those videos. Product selection has grown immensely as well with EmazingLights selling not only gloves, but orbits, poi, and everything in between in the world of flow arts. To many it looks effortless, but these flow artist put in hours of hard work and practice to refine their skills. Let’s explore the different arts forms which have made their home in EDM.


For those who aren’t already familiar with it, gloving is an art form in which performers wear gloves with microligths in each finger tip. There are many different styles and techniques like flow, tutting, stacking, conjuring, etc so no two glovers are ever the same. Hand flow was a big thing back in the 1980’s and undergrounds, which was where gloving began. YouTube is where many glovers get most of the spotlight so be sure to check out a few of them on the EmazingLights YouTube channel! The channel features longer videos of glovers showing off their skills and technique. Despite controversy that has banned gloves being brought into most events, it doesn’t stop anyone from sharing their art with others, and continues to grow each day.


Shuffling has been one of the most popular dance form at festivals and my personal favorite. In the 1980’s the Melbourne Shuffle was born in the underground rave scene. As years passed, new forms were added to the original shuffle, like spins, glides, cutting shapes and the occasional hand movements. With the growth of social networks, many began to show off their skills via Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Instagrams like @girlsthatshuffle and @fts_shufflers have showcased many talented shufflers from all over the world. Everyone has their own style of shuffling, from beginners to the more advance, it is the most popular way to get down to the music. Many popular Instagram shufflers always inspire and are supportive of people who might not as be as advanced. A few to check out are @klarieesii, @defayada, and @wonderawayy maybe you will be inspired to bust a move, and show everyone your shuffle style. 


You can’t forget hooping! It’s possibly the cutest form of flow arts where performers dance with an LED hula hoop. It is not your basic hula hoop, it is a heavier hoop with LED lights that can be programmed to change colors and modes. Some hoops, like the Phoenix Smart Hoop by SpinFX, are so advanced you can even program them to create patterns and images while you hoop. Just like gloving and shuffling every person has their own style of hooping. Hooping takes the original concept of hula hooping and adds dance moves and tricks. You can add one hoop, two hoops, or three hoops if you desire and practice enough. People use their whole body, arms, legs, head, or whatever. Basically, anything you can move, you can put a hoop around. Hooping is growing more and more popular for it is one of the few things you are allowed to bring in and express your style. Social media has also let everyone express their style and share. A popular Instagram to check out some amazing flow art artists are @tips4flow  which has tutorials on how to get it right. 

This community has made sure to open all its doors to every single person. In every way it has let you express yourself and these a few of the ways people express themselves at festivals. Everyone has their own way of self expression whether it is through flow arts, dance, or through their outfits. Yes, perfecting an art could take many hours, hard work, and some good music but you will grow each time you practice. If any of the dance forms above caught your eye, be sure to check out the Instagrams and YouTube channels I mentioned. Let your soul be free and get your groove on! I guarantee that at every event there will always be someone else doing the same thing. 



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