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Global Dance Festival Arizona

In the middle of the Arizona desert lies the Rawhide Western Town, where this year’s Global Dance Festival’s Wild West Edition was held. For ravers and cowboys alike, this unique venue allowed for one unforgettable experience for it’s festival goers! Along the strip were vendors selling food, light up gadgets, and rave wear, but what lies at the end is the Alamo, a huge stage with lasers, lights and LED screens to dazzle its audience members. Starting out the night was NGHTMRE, and he did not disappoint! The audience was on fire for his set as he threw down banger after banger! Next was Mija and she had the same reaction from the audience as she played an amazing set! Halfway through Mija, we decided to go to the Tombstone stage, a much smaller stage, to see Sweater Beats. His set was good, but the crew decided to walk back over to Alamo for Marshmello.

On our way back, we were approached by someone asking if we wanted to meet Mija! And backstage we went to go to an unexpected meet and greet. She walked out with a bottle of champagne, said “What’s up” and talked to us for about 15 minutes. After getting a few pics with Mija, we headed over to Marshmellos set. Another amazing set with the crowd going wild. This crowd was definitely one of the most upbeat and into the music I have ever seen. They sang along to almost every song and were dancing the night away.

Big Gigantic played on the tables, and played live drums and saxophone. A very cool twist to a lot of our favorite songs was the addition of the saxophone. After Big Gigantic, there was a break and above our heads was an amazing firework display! As the crowd cheered for the lit up sky, on came RL Grime. He always puts on an amazing show and it was definitely one for the books! Finally, came Deorro with his panda funk beats! A classic set that was so much fun, no one could stop dancing! He finished out the night with the ever popular “Five Hours”, and our night had come to an end. Out we walked arm in arm thankful for the memories made, and looking forward to the next time we would get to leave our hearts on the dance floor. 

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