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Get Ready for Freaky Deaky | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Get Ready for Freaky Deaky

Halloween and costumes go hand in hand with each individual’s love for rave culture.  It’s basically the one time of the year (outside of festivals) we can release our inner weird to the normal world without a second thought. 

This year, everyone’s favorite holiday falls on a Saturday only making the overall anticipation of Halloween themed events all the more exciting.  As we all prepare for the scares from goblins and ghosts, we all expect plenty of bass to be involved from all kinds of new Halloween fests as well as a not-so-new festival drawing a lot of attention to the Chicago area this Halloween.   Freaky Deaky Music Festival is going on its 7th year this year, so why are we just now hearing about it?  After seeing the stacked line-up plastered all over social media, iHeartRaves and Studio240 knew it would be one worth exploring!

I asked around on multiple social media outlets, including group pages with 10k+ members.  Oddly enough, most people explained it was also their first time hearing about it, and no one spoke up about having attended in the past… The only thing more terrifying then its Freaky theme, is the fact we can’t seem to find any personal accounts from previous years…. 

But Studio240 wants to know: will Freaky Deaky deliver?  What can we expect?  

In the meantime, here are some tracks by a few artists on the line up to help get you pumped and prepared for Freaky Deaky!

BORGEOUS – They Don’t Know Us 
This is probably every ravers anthem, and it has every reason to be.  This song not only builds up the energy but it definitely gives you the feels.  Its like putting a beat to the meaning of PLUR. 

Datsik – Katana 
Bringing new levels of filth to the dubstep game – this song is packed full of bass and grime!  Warning: for dark dubstep-lovers only, not meant for the weak hearts. 

Oliver Heldens & Sander Van Doorn – THIS 
Well, I hate to be cheesy but THIS is the one of the dopest house collaborations we have seen in a while.  If you need a song to help warm up you shuffle skills, you’ve definitely found it!

Pretty Lights – More Important Than Michael Jordan 
Although he’s known for bringing the funk and dropping the electro soul, this classic Pretty Lights song isn’t complete without the spooky introduction – and it definitely sets the mood for the Halloween theme. 

Borgore – Can’t Squad With Us 
If this song doesn’t get you and your crew hyped to head into a festival, there is no hope for you.  Not only is it packed with the bass with all love, but the lyrics alone are enough to make you feel like a certified badass.  We continue to thank Borgore for his innovative ractch-a-tivity 

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