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Foam N Glow: Down To Foam?

It’s a beautiful time for EDM! There are so many events and festivals, you can practically rave all year! One event you should definitely look out for is Foam N Glow. I have attended multiple Foam N Glow shows, in fact; it was my very first event! And you need to check it out.Either people love foam raves, or they hate them. However, there is no denying how popular they have gotten. Especially Foam N Glow, which is held over the country and even Mexico. For me, other than festivals, it’s one of my most anticipated events. It goes hand in hand with Life in Color, I get the same rush from it. And I am sure within 3 years they will be having international tours.

I have been to 3 Foam N Glow shows and I can tell you I have never been disappointed. In fact, I can say there were shows I would consider were the best show of the year. I was even able to get in contact with the founder of Foam N Glow, Corbin Kelly, and he told me of an upcoming spring tour with a new format. Unfortunately due to how busy he was and miscommunication with the venue staff, I wasn’t able to speak with him as much as I would of liked to. However; he told me Foam N Glow would be returning to Reno at a new venue, soon. There, I’m hoping to sit down with him to get his story and the history of Foam N Glow.

Photo by Foam N Glow

Photo by Foam N Glow

You hear about all the huge festivals all the time, but don’t overlook these smaller events. If Foam N Glow ever comes to your area, I highly recommend it. Its high energy will keep you dancing for hours, its foam cannon will keep you on your toes, and they always try to get upcoming DJs to perform so you can expand your EDM Library. Just make sure you respect that cannon, because it is relentless. So keep your ears open for awesome event, and don’t be afraid to meet Corbin, he’s a humble and great guy. As always Keep Loving & Keep Raving.    

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