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Top 5 US Festivals You Can't Miss in 2017! | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Top 5 US Festivals You Can’t Miss in 2017!

The days are finally getting longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is even finally starting to bless us with its appearance again. These signs all point to the return of the most wonderful time of the year: festival season. 

While I wish it was possible to attend every festival with an amazing lineup, money and time are sad but realistic factors that get in the way. But, if I did win the lottery tomorrow, here’s five festivals that would be on my 2017 list:


1.) Beyond Wonderland

When: March 24 – 25

Where: NOS Events Center

Price: $179 (before fees) 

Website: http://beyondwonderland.com

I’m super bummed that I never got to attend Beyond Wonderland while it was at the San Manuel Amphitheater because that camping looked Amazing. However, I’ve heard great things about the NOS Events Center and I’m confident this event will still rock. I’d still willing to make the drive down from Oregon (it’s only 14 hours, right?)

The lineup makes me weak at the knees and can’t believe how many awesome artists are coming for a two-day festival. I love the new theme this year, the Endless Sea. Insomniac always has great production at their events and I have a feeling it’ll be an extremely magical way to kick off festival season. 


2.) Something Wonderful 

When: April 22 – 23

Where: Texas Motor Speedway, TX

Price: $131 (before fees) 

Website: somethingwonderful.com


When I first saw how cheap tickets were to this, I thought the lineup wouldn’t be that great. But once I saw the lineup, I immediately regretted not saving my money for tickets. Porter Robinson alone makes it worth the trip for me! 

Dallas Fort Worth is a GIANT airport which makes for very affordable tickets no matter which coast you live on. Having lived in the south for a year, I also know the weather this time of year is definitely warm but not too hot. It’s the perfect getaway for people (like me) who don’t see signs of 80 degree weather until June or July. 

3.) Spring Awakening 

When: June 9 – June 11 

Where: Adams/Medill Park, Chicago 

Price: $179 (before fees) 

Website: http://www.springawakeningfestival.com

Last year my best friend attended this and needless to say, I was very jealous of her snap story. I hear great things about SAMF every year. I would LOVE to make it out to Chicago, especially during this time of the year.

Tickets are pretty reasonably priced at $179. I like the option for $55 payment plans starting now – June. Not to mention, that the lineup is beastly this year. With over 80 artists and five stages, I definitely think you’ll get your moneys worth at this festival. 

4.) EDC 

When:  June 16 – 19

Where:  Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Price: $355 (before fees)

Website: http://lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com

Well, OF COURSE, EDC is on my bucket list. If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how magical EDC is. I have been saying I’ll go every year for years, but the money is always a huge factor. This year I did a ton of research on how to make it affordable and learned these tips from seasoned veterans:

1.) Payment plan (duh) – I always knew payment plans existed but next year I know to start saving to hop on one in the Fall to save the most on tickets

2.) Stay off the strip – I’ve heard that hotels like Circus Circus are still fun to stay at and are reasonably priced. Circus Cirus also happens to be right near an EDC shuttle, so I definitely have my eye on that for next year (a new rule this year – you HAVE to take an EDC shuttle to/from the venue. Unauthorized transportation is no longer allowed).

3.) Bring your own food and drinks – if you’re over 21, alcohol is crazy expensive in Vegas. Most airlines will let you check up two gallons of liquor per person, as well as bring food items like unopened packs of granola bars, etc. Pack accordingly!

While EDC is not in the cards for me this year, I’m ready and planning to go in 2018!


5.) Paradiso Festival 

When: June 23 and 24th

Where: The Gorge Ampitheater, WA

Price: $183 (before fees) 

Website: http://paradisofestival.com

While I’m devastated I can’t make it to EDC, knowing I’ll be attending Paradiso helps ease my pain. This will be my third year in a row and I’m not sick of it one little bit. I have to say, this festival is definitely one of the most fun and affordable ones that I’ve attended. I love the vibes of the campground – I’ve made friends with my neighbors each time and always have a blast hanging at the campground before gates open. If you split GA camping amongst a group of four, it only costs $25 per person. Not to mention, ticket prices are very reasonable and payment plans are offered as well. I love how spread out this festival is – I’ve never heard any sound conflicts. Plus each stage is very unique and decorated accordingly.

Although we usually enter the gates around 4pm and leave at 2am, I still feel like I never get to do everything I wanted to do inside. From the rides to the amazing art displays to the killer lineup, there’s no arguing that the gorge is pure magic during Diso weekend.


So, here’s to hoping I win the lottery and can make all my festival dreams come true! What’s on YOUR festival list for 2017?

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