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Family That Raves Together, Stays Together

Meet my little brother, Phil. He’s 16 months younger than me, almost a foot taller than me, and I believe his spirit animal is a puppy. He’s one of the easiest people to get along with, he always turns up his music way too loud and he loves EDM. But he hasn’t always been this way. He used to be a metal head, who turned up his music too loud and did not like EDM at all.


After experiencing my first rave I was determined to show him this amazing world where music and magic collide. However, for years I would try with no avail. He would always decline my proposition even after offering to pay for a $60 ticket on a minimum wage salary. He wouldn’t even budge for Armin Only for Together As One (which he still regrets to this day as Imagine is one of his favorite albums.) Finally, after all of his friends were going to EDC down the street from his college, he caved and bought a ticket. That year I took my brother to his first EDC. He said to me, “I’ll hang out for a little, but then I’m gonna go with my own friends.” As the night went on and he bonded with my rave family, he found it hard to leave and remained with us for the rest of the night.

Since then we’ve gone to countless festival and shows together. I love raving with my brother because he isn’t afraid to be silly or dance his heart out. He loves the music just as much as I do and will sing with me at the top of his lungs to our favorite songs. It makes me really happy to have introduced him to something he has become so passionate about. As we went to festivals together, we’ve united each other’s group of friends and they have¬†become our rave family. I can’t really say I have ever had such a solid consistent group of people to be around as I do now because of this union of friends through my brother and raving.


And for us raves were never really an escape. It was more like a reward for staying focused and motivated when you were tempted to give up. You see, when we were younger our mom passed away and we didn’t exactly have the easiest time growing up with our dad. We’ve gone through some hardships in life that no one would know better than each other. One time a few years back, while seeing Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy tour, they played Andrew Bayer’s “From The Earth” and the LED screen lit up with candles and a caption which read, “This is for those who left the Earth too soon”. Me and Phil looked at each other and gave a nod of acknowledgement because we knew what that moment meant for the other. After the adversities we’ve had it’s a beautiful thing to know you can experience happiness again. It’s even more beautiful to be able to share your happiness with someone who understands and appreciates where it comes from. In fact, the passion for this music has grown on Phil so much that he’s now the one showing me new music!


I believe our love for EDM has played a huge role in keeping us close siblings. If there is a show we have no one to go with, the other is always down. If one of us wants to stay at the club until close to hear their favorite song the other won’t let him/her rage alone. It’s not just the understanding of the love for the music but the peace of mind that we will never have to go through life alone because there will always be someone who wants to share this memory with you. I am truly grateful to have this music in my life and even more grateful to have deepened one of the best friendships I’ll ever have through EDM.

Family is arguably one of the most important things in life and it’s important that we find ways to connect and keep in touch. Even if they don’t keep raving it might just give them a better understanding of you and this crazy culture that you’re a part of. If you are close with your siblings or wish you were, you should definitely try to experience a festival together. These events are already a great bonding experience for you your friends, why not extend that to someone you’ve basically known your (or their) whole life?

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