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Experience: West Coast vs. East Coast

During this non-festival season time I like to think about all the different festivals across the country throughout the year. Trying to figure out which one my friends and I want to go to to get the best rave experience possible!  I currently live on the west coast but I am not biased about which coast is better. (Everyone is going to have an opinion, which is their own to be proud of) There are plenty of pros and cons to every rave no matter where it is. Ticket prices, camping, security, vibes, and venues all contribute to how well a festival is labeled to ravers on their list of best raves they’ve been too.  (I asked a few of my fellow ravers to help me out on this one)

Ticket Prices:

EDCLV: $300-400 Tomorrowworld: $355-450
Escape SoCal: $120-180 EDC Orlando: $159-240
Nocturnal: $200 – 290 Moonrise: $155-175
Beyond Wonderland:  $175-195 Imagine: $130-180
Audio On The Bay: $120-180 Dancefestopia: $130-180

I looked up some prices from this past year in the GA price range, so they aren’t exact but you get the idea of the price difference between festivals. This is not including those who got a steal on their tickets. Not every festival is the same number of days but there are a few that are similar. This is not including other extra expenses for the festival that are needed (i.e. parking pass or camping pass). Despite the fact that we’re talking about ticket prices, this still gives me that P.L.U.R. feeling we all share because no matter where you rave or what company sets it up, you know that every penny will be worth all the memories. 


@nocturnalwland having a campsite decorating contest, these are the awesome winners.

Camping: On the West Coast


  • Weather is usually not a problem (besides wind)
  • Security is very tight and safe
  • Organized within the camp site
  • Campers friendly & inviting


  • Getting into parking lot of campsites & car checks
  • Some campsites don’t have a separate entrance for campers vs. GA people into the event
  •  Not every festival has room for camping, which sucks (EDC)
  •  Campers never seem to sleep (sleep is for the weak!…jk…sleeping is bae) 

Camping: On the East Coast


  • Larger (more grass) venues for camping

    Dancefestopia feeling the cool breeze off the Missouri River

  • Security is organized well 
  • Better Scenery


  • Weather (always weather on the east coast)
  • GA Camping not organized

These pros and cons are OPINIONS from myself and a few fellow ravers I asked who’ve attended all different camping festivals, a few that are listed. There could be way more that aren’t listed but you could always comment and help out for next time! Camping is always a great time because you get to connect on another level with other ravers, rather than just at a great set trading kandi. If you ever have the chance to do a camping festival do it and experience the fun of it. Always bring blankets, the weather will always change (never trust the weather channel during festival season).


When security loves you and your finger hands @lyss_howard

Security:  Security is always a HUGE issue at any type of music festival especially an EDM festival. Most of us understand their precautions but sometimes they take it overboard. Nocturnal is one of the biggest festivals on the west coast that is known for its tight security (400+ arrests) Some people can barely fix their shoe without a million questions and a strip down. EDCLV, lots of people (including myself) are groped and violated even though they don’t have any right to do it that intensely. (THERE IS A LIMIT) We as ravers understand that there have been casualties (those are our fellow ravers). We understand there have been drug problems (we see it first hand). NOT every person walking in deserves to be handled roughly and accused before they even get into the festival. Electric Zoo, was said to have very strict security but they are at least polite about it. West coast and East coast have many similarities when it comes to security, the only difference that I experienced was at Tomorrowworld 2015. Their security wasn’t rough on people, they were friendly, they cracked jokes and just wanted everyone to have fun and be safe. Even though at the end the weather caused a whole mess of problems, the festival was smooth. No one died and no crazy number of arrests were made. We respect that security is there to keep us safe but respect that we still need to feel safe especially from security.

Vibes: (Most important) – I feel this is one of the most, if not THE most important element to raving. If there aren’t good vibes, then I would rather not waste my money. The experience is everything, the venue, the music and the vibes. Outside your group of who you came with, vibing with another person or a whole other group can make your experience that much better. It can even give you a new rave family or even a new set of friends who’s wedding you’ll be at. Now comparing west to east coasts might offend some people or it might give an insight to others. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS 100% ACCURATE. Anyone could have a better experience somewhere compared to someone else, this is overall for an outside look from some who have already experienced it)


  • Pros: More/Still kandi accepting, wearing & making lots. More Friendly. More knowing about & being about P.L.U.R. Overall better vibes compared to East coast.
  • Cons: Bros on Bros, they sweep through in flocks. More people getting extra fucked up not knowing how to handle themselves or care for the consequences. (DRINK WATER, SERIOUSLY)


  • Pros: First look at new music choices. (It takes a while for a song to cross the country) Decorative and extravagant rave outfits. Different people from all over the coast/world.
  • Cons: Super Bros, the ones who definitely go to just grind on a girl at mainstage without knowing any DJs. Becoming unaccepting of kandi culture and P.L.UR. (A lot of people don’t even know what P.L.U.R. is)

Who knew you could rave in a old Ford Assembly Plant building? #AudioOnTheBay

Venues: Unanimously they were dead even on who has the better venues. The productions that are thrown on, are always over top and get better each year. West coast and East coast no matter the company do an amazing job. A lot of my fellow ravers preferred Insomniac’s set ups more than other companies but they didn’t doubt how the others put in a great effort. Most of the time we see one day events in parking lots, or hangers which aren’t the best but usually whoever is throwing the event does an amazing job at working with what they have. Props to all the companies and people that take so much of their time and effort to make these events stunningly beautiful for us ravers to enjoy.

THE WINNER IS: In the race to see who is the best, West Coast versus East Coast…(drumroll)… IT IS A TIE! (you must’ve seen that coming?) If you are upset at the results, go out to different raves and judge for yourself! Each coast has their own pros and cons to them which make them that more enjoyable to go. It is what drives us ravers mad to find all the pennies we can to get to that rave in another state or across the country. To experience it firsthand is what we live for because are you really a real raver if you haven’t survived 110 degrees at night at EDCLV or pouring rain with mud all over you at Dancefestopia? We all just want to enjoy the rave and experience the best we can whether it is on our side of the country or not. There is no better place to rave then your home state but sometimes you got to get out there and experience P.L.U.R.

(Thanks to all my fellow ravers S.K., J.R., A.P., R.C., D.S., & N.F.)

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