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Get the Inside Scoop On Shambhala From Excision’s Team!

Canada’s bass god, Excision, is heading to Shambhala this August (as he does every year) and so are we! As it will be our first time there, we thought we’d catch up with Gregg Lillie from Excision’s management team to get the inside scoop on the festival. This will be Excision’s 10th year playing at this festival and we can’t wait for what’s in store! 

Shambhala started as a 500 person party on the Bundschuh family’s Salmo River Ranch. Years later, the event remains a family affair, except that the family has grown to a sold-out crowd of 10,000 fans.

Many Shambhala fans are drawn back year after year, some for over a decade, and their driving principle of “Shambha-love” can be felt throughout the ranch. Excision clearly feels the Shambha-love as he makes it back every year. Let’s catch up with Gregg and get the scoop on Shambhala! 

How would you describe Shambhala? What makes it different than other camping festivals?

Shambhala is a true oasis for the community of underground music. What makes it different is truly its communal feel and general mindset that everyone is there together for the same reasons, enjoying music and life with the people they care about most. At Sham, you can expect to see the big name artist who just rocked a stage in the crowd raging next to you and other fans. Everyone is there to enjoy each other and treat each other as equals. Oh yea, and it’s a completely dry event – no alcohol makes a weekend of camping more…mind opening.

Excision plays at Shambhala every year. What makes Shambhala so special to the Excision team?

Shambhala has some serious roots in the BC (British Columbia) electronic music scene and was around before ‘EDM’ really blew up around North America. This is a festival Excision himself used to attend with his closest friends and enjoy before he grew to be the artist he is today. Shambhala’s culture and vibe is just a little more rooted than a lot of other modern festivals; it’s special to Excision because he truly shares those same roots.

Excision’s Shambhala Mix seems to be one of his most anticipated mixes of the year. What makes it so special?

Excision’s Shambhala Mix has pretty much become the unofficial anthology of heavy bass music with a new addition coming out after the festival every year. While a lot of artists release their live sets from big shows like Ultra, Coachella and EDC, Excision saves his one yearly mix for this special little festival out in the woods. It comes from a genuine place – bringing fresh music and ideas to a fest so rooted in bass music history I think really speaks for itself.

Does Jeff do anything to prepare for this mix?

He listens to a lot of music and really does his homework on what’s new and what’s out there. He enjoys the process though, who wouldn’t doesn’t love scraping the web for fresh sounds and artists?

What are you guys looking forward to the most this year? Do you have a favorite aspect of the festival?

This year is the 20th year of Shambhala as a festival and the 10th year Excision will be performing at the fest. There is no feeling in the world like the 1.5 hours Excision is playing that mix live at Shambhala. It’s a very intimate stage and crowd and the passion coming from both the fans and artists are incredible. 

What tips would you give to someone attending Sham for the first time?

The same advice I give to everyone experiencing a new fest for the first time – put down your daily guards and intuitions and experience something new. Shambhala is more about learning new things about yourself than it is a giant party. Meet new friends, try new things…self-discovery never gets old.

Shambhala is definitely a very special event and we can’t wait to experience the Shambha-love as we womp to Excision’s dirty beats!  Catch our first Shambhala experience on iHeartRaves SnapChat August 11-14! 

Get amped for Sham  and listen to every one of Excision’s Shambhala Mixes since 2008 by visiting his Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/excision/sets/excision-shambhala-mixes


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