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Everything You Need to Know About HARD Summer 2016

I don’t know about you, but with Hard changing almost every year to a new venue, it’s getting a little tricky to keep up with everything! Once you learn one venue, it’s onto the next! But it’s all for good reason. Each year there have been improvements to the Hard events, and this year looks to be one of the biggest, most awesome changes Hard Summer has seen yet! Are you ready for Hard Summer 2016?

HARD Summer is going on July 30-July 31, 2016 at an all new venue, the Auto Club Speedway. Not only that, but there’s also camping this year, a first for Hardfest. The event has also reduced its age limit back down to 18+. With so many things changing this year, let’s just dive right into it and get the facts on what’s going on at Hard Summer 2016.

The Auto Club Speedway An all new venue for Hard! The Speedway is located in Fontana, and is a huge venue. It’s unclear right now how the stages will be set up, but we can assume that the whole racetrack area will be used. With blacktop pavements, it’s definitely going to be hot out there, so make sure you stay hydrated and keep in the shade when you can.

Camping Camping at Hard Summer is only Car Camping or RV camping. You / all members of your camping squad must have a 2 day festival pass to use a camping pass. Up to 5 people can be in one camping space, which is 10’x30′ (about enough room for one tent and one car). Spots are assigned, so don’t plan on saving one for a friend, caravan in. Also everyone has to ride in together, so don’t plan on a drop off, and ever car will be searched upon entry. 

There’s also an additional stage and programming exclusive to campers only…while Hard is being vague about what exactly this means…I have a feeling that it’s probably going to be pretty cool.

Tickets One of the things I really appreciate about Hardfest events is the ability to buy single day tickets. It saves some money, and allows me to give my all into one day of a festival. You can buy your tickets and camping passes here. The cool thing about the camping pass is that it’s for 3 days, so you can have one night of campsite raging before the festival begins!

There’s no ins & outs to the festival unless you also have a camping wristband.

What Can/Can’t you Bring into the Festival? Besides the standard things we’re all accustomed to now (sealed gum, Camelbacks, small bags/purses), Hardfest also lets you bring in hula hoops, posters, and remember if you paint your face, only 1/2 can be covered. They do have rules now banning kandi brackets or necklaces, LED gloves and microlights used for light shows. It’s a no on ecigs and vapes as well. 

See you Sunday at Hard!

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