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ETC! ETC! x iHeartRaves Exclusive Playlist & Interview | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves

ETC! ETC! x iHeartRaves Exclusive Playlist & Interview

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LA native born and raised producer/DJ ETC!ETC! has built a reputation as one of the leaders in trap and Moombahton productions. Recently I got a chance to catch up with the hard working Dad and ask him about what his production process, his work on Dim Mak, and his opinion on the age old question of pizza toppings! Check out the interview below and enjoy and an exclusive playlist made to help get all our unicorns ready to headbang at their upcoming show at Avalon Hollywood’s CONTROL presents this Friday night! I’ll be there on behalf of all the hood rat bass heads and Studio 240! Hope you see a few of you there! 



You are both a DJ and a Producer. Do you prefer one over the other? 

I’ve always said this but I enjoy producing more. It’s where I feel at best and more in the zone. I do love djing live. To be able to see everyone’s reaction and enjoying Your music is one of the best feelings in the world, but I am more at my element in the studio.

You’ve talked before about how a DJ should be able to read a crowd. How much of your sets are planned ahead of time and how much is just feeling the crowd’s energy and going with that? Have you ever been in the middle of a set and had to completely change what you were going to play based on the crowd’s reaction?

I change my sets all the tune due to crowds reaction. I only plan the first 5 min of my set. Which is just usually the intro and a song where I talk after. Everything else I go by the crowd’s reaction. Mainly because I feel if most of the set is planned it might not go over so well. I rather it all be organic than predetermined. Not saying that a planned set won’t go off, but sometimes a planned set won’t work if You play after a big headliner and the crowd is worn out. You’re going to have to warm em back up and bring em up to 100 again. And I live for that.

Walk me through your production set up. Do you have a certain element you always start with? Where’s your favorite place to get inspired for new tunes? Any new set up that you are digging lately?

For me to get inspired for new tunes, I have to listen to music that I am not making. I’ll turn on the radio and listen to hip-hop or I’ll listen to some reggaeton or cumbia. Something that gets me hype and WANT to work on something. Then what I do is: I go in the studio and just see what comes out. Normally I start w/ drums or a vocal and build around that… and start piecing the tune like a puzzle until all the pieces fit properly. My set up is pretty simple. I wake up in the morning, do Dad things then come back home and go into the studio which I’ve built in one of my rooms. Pretty easy. I love from working at home.

You’ve been working with Dim Mak. How has it been being on the label? Does it change the way you do things or the types of shows you play, the style of music you produce, or even the samples you use?

Working w/ Dim Mak was great. You know, being from LA and watching the scene get as big as it did, Dim Mak had a big effect in not only the LA scene but worldwide and being able to be a part of that was a great feeling. Just being part of that history was cool to me and an achievement for me.

I’ve noticed a few DJ’s have sampled the Lion King over the years and one of my favorite albums last year was an entire album created with samples from the Star Wars movies. Is there a childhood song, movie, or tv show theme you would ever want to sample for a tune?

Ha! The Lion King sample DEF got played a lot. If I sampled anything from a movie it would be more of score/musical. Hans Zimmer or Clint Mansell with orchestras and the whole deal.

What are the top 5 DJ’s/Musicians on your radar right now? Any dream collaborations in the works for you?

Man, there’s a lot of musicians/DJs crushing it right now. As always tho, Bro Safari is still up there! Kill the Noise, Boombox Cartel, Whyel and Jstjr, Major Lazer, DJ snake to name a few. I’d love to work w/ Pharrell, Daft Punk, Paul McCartney, Adele. Anyone outside of my bubble I’d love to work with.

If someone were to ask for advice on how to become a producer or a DJ what would you say is the number one thing they have to know before they start that journey?

I think it’s most important for them to be patient & understand that being criticized is not a bad thing.

Do you have a favorite festival style? What’s the one piece of clothing you couldn’t rave without?

I wear a headband when I go to festivals. Well, it’s not a headband, it’s a shirt sleeve I cut off and wear around my head.

Do you have any new projects coming up that you would like your fans to know about? 

I wrote a moombahton album called “not my tempo” which is being finalized now and going to be out. I also have a few sick remixes coming out: Dillon Francis, Diplo and Autoerotique, and an original w/ Bro SafarI and UFO!

Finally. Most important question. Do pineapples belong on a pizza? Yay or Nay?

I use to eat it a lot when I was a kid. It didn’t seem like a big deal then but I haven’t had it since. I’ve asked my kids if they wanted to try it and they looked at me like I was a weirdo… so I guess NO!


About Avalon 

AVALON is one of Hollywood’s most historic landmarks. From The Beatles first West Coast performance in 1964 to ABC’s hit television variety show The Hollywood Palace to Sasha’s first West Coast DJ residency, the theater at Hollywood & Vine has been a show-business epicenter since opening in 1927.

About CONTROL presents

Control is held at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles every Friday night. Running for 7 years strong. Control Radio – http://soundcloud.com/control_radio

Get your tickets or book a table for CONTROL presents ETC! ETC! Be sure to stop by and say HELLO! if you make it out to the show. 

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