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Escape from Wonderland 2014 Recap | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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Escape from Wonderland 2014 Recap

Escape from Wonderland feels like it ended just yesterday. It was two amazing days of raging, navigating through crowds, and meeting  beautiful people. Personally, I think Insomniac hosts the most amazing shows. With lovely art pieces around every corner, light shows that blow your mind, and an incredible energy,  Escape was the place to be this Halloween.



PLUR was definitely in the air this year (at least it felt like it!). Everyone was giving and receiving the love and if you were lucky, you might have bumped into the Lady Casa, Jake Ryan, or even Jose Perales from Insomniac’s, Under the Electric Sky, at one of their meetups!


Ghouls Graveyard

To many, Escape All Hallow’s Eve is really an escape. An escape from responsibilities and the hardships life brings. This is a place where you can be yourself and not be judged. All social norms are thrown out the window; running around like a maniac and giving out compliments to everyone you see is the norm here!


The Chopping Block

And the music! The huge headliners like Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Adventure Club, Steve Aoki and many more made the venue shake just as expected and it was unforgettable. Seeing your favorite DJ play your favorite music is an indescribable feeling. The music isn’t coming out of some cheap speaker. It’s a huge slap to the face, vibrate through your whole body, ears ringing afterwards sort of experience!


Cannibals Tea Party

While walking around the venue, we interviewed everyone that was willing to talk to us (even a cop)! We asked them about their experiences with EDM and their thoughts on raves and EDM culture. It was clear their responses were incredibly genuine and came from the heart.

 “All genders, races, religions, financial titles, they just disappear and what we see here is a human being just like us. A person that makes mistakes, has bad days, and hurts just like everyone else. We all come together here and have a beautiful connection. A connection through the music. We are one!”

 “Yeah, the drugs are a problem. People are passing out left and right. But that’s why we have First Aid tents throughout the venue. These ravers are in a enclosed area away from harm. Think of it as a raver’s playground and we are their supervisors making sure they make it through the night happy and healthy.”

 “At a rave you feel free, you can be whoever you want and dress however. Like, I’m half naked and nobody cares! My boobs and butt are all out and I feel amazing. Raves help me with my self esteem and make me love my body even more”



 Escape from Wonderland was a magical experience and I am sure everyone that attended this year will be coming back next yearfor the music, connections, and friends that we’ve made. If you missed it, Escape with us next year!

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