The Era of the Female Vocalist

We are in such an amazing place today in the world of music. Creativity, innovation, and the ability to discover incredible talent at any given moment is at an all-time high across all wavelengths, especially in EDM.

Another great occurrence is happening at an ever-growing rate in music as a whole, but is especially frequent in electronic music: the discovery of powerful female vocalists.

A song can live or die by its vocals. Although he is an excellent singer, it is tough to think the iconic “Titanium” would have been as powerful with the original Ne-Yo providing the vocals instead of the eventual Sia. Getting the right singer with the right sound can be all the difference between a stellar track and a dud.

We live in a time where female singers are running the game. You can run off all of the talents in the mainstream music scene, but EDM not only hosts some of the most diverse and virtually undiscovered singers but helps launch careers to new heights.

Bebe Rexha is tremendously talented, but it was her vocals on “Take Me Home” with Cash Cash that you can argue truly put her on the map. Same can be said for MØ and her part in “Lean On” with Major Lazer. And it seems every week a producer blesses us with either a new female singer we may not know or bring back a more well-known name to show off their talents once again. And subsequently, those dynamic vocals those artists lend elevate the tracks to new heights. It’s quite the win-win.

The Chainsmokers have been a prime example of introducing us, or in Halsey’s case re-introducing us, to some of the most eclectic female vocals in music today. They brought our attention to Daya, Phoebe Ryan, Charlee, and now Emily Warren, and we can only hope both they and others keep the trend alive.

Female vocals and EDM go hand-in-hand like nothing else in music today, and that is no longer a secret. Just listen to some of the tracks in the playlist below and you’ll hear some of the most captivating vocals from names you may not know today, but thanks to their involvement in the EDM scene could very well be the next Bebe, MØ, Sia, Ellie Goulding, or Halsey just to name a few.

Some names to really watch for on this list: Aluna Francis (from AlunaGeorge) who brings a fierce smooth sound to all of the group’s tracks, Zella Day and her deep haunting tones, the melodic high pitch magician Laura Brehm, the powerful Sofia Reyes, Kai and her soft and soothing ambiance, Anne-Marie’s breath-taking emotional prowess, and Helen Tess and her deep impactful sound amongst the others.

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