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The Whimsical World of Lucky 2017 | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves
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The Whimsical World of Lucky 2017

The pot of gold at the end of a  rainbow does exist and it’s in the form of a magically massive lineup, presented by USC Events.

Imagine walking into a sea of green and gold, where smiles are abundant and magic is in the air. A place where bass heads and trance fairies co-exists peacefully and may even have matching outfits. Such a magical land does exist and it’s in the heart of the EDM capital of the Pacific Northwest.

Lucky 2017 is the perfect place to kick-off the beginning of spring and the start of festival season. Here are four whimsical reasons not to miss out on this festival.

1.) The Lineup

This 2017 lineup is nothing short of amazing and offers something from every genre. The bass stage is stacked with Figure b2b Midnight Tyrannosaurus, UZ, Liquid Stranger, Ngtmre and Knife Party. For the Trance lovers, the label takeover stage features Future Sound of Egypt artists and is sure to bring delight with featured artists like Aly and Fila, Jordan Suckley, Simon Patterson, Ferry Tale and more. There’s aldo the house-y sounds of TJR and Audien, plus the drum and bass sounds of Sigma. To put it simply, this lineup has got your whole squad covered.

Psstt…one more mystery artist is also set to be released soon!

Grab tickets here.

2.) The Theme

For the past six years, this event can easily be argued that it’s the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Pacific Northwest. Each year it continually proves to be better than the previous year. The crowd is especially happy-go-“lucky” at this event and the performers do a great job of adding to the St. Patrick’s Day ambiance. It’s an amazing site to see a whole sea of green and gold color-coordinated outfits, which usually never happens at a show. If you’re looking for a new outfit, click here for some inspiration.

3.) The Location 

USC Events is famous for putting on events at the WaMu but the Tacoma Dome offers a nice change of pace. It’s also a nice shortened drive for people living down south. Hotels and restaurants are typically more affordable in Tacoma because it’s a less populated metro-area than Seattle. 

The unique “Clover Park” exhibit features an indoor area of grassy turf that takes on a giant playground theme. The park previously included teeter-totters and interactive art displays – I suspect 2017’s exhibit will be just as awesome as the past years.

4.) The Set Up 

USC Events never fails to blow your mind with their visuals. The decorations and lights are especially on point for this event, coordinating with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. There’s something particularly magical about this event that it’s personally been one of my favorites over the years. The three-stage set up is also very unique, especially for a one-night event.

Whether you’re there for the bass or the trance or anything in-between, this event is sure to blow your mind.

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