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Best of Festival Fashion Trends 2015 | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves

Best of Festival Fashion Trends 2015

2015 was a year full of amazing innovations in rave wear. Festival goers always bring their best, and we were beyond impressed! As new fashion favorites entered the scene, ravers let their creativity shine through in styling the pieces. At the beginning of 2015, we did a trend forecast and now we get to take a look at at some of the most popular trends of the past year!

Instead of Rave Bras, We saw Pasties!

@alien_mushroom wearing fun and creative pasties under a mesh halter!

@alien_mushroom wearing fun glow in the dark alien pasties under a mesh halter!

Pasties have been a huge trend this year and we’re sure everyone has noticed. Sure you get your cross pasties, star pasties, and heart pastiest, but ravers weren’t rocking just any typical pasties. These are seriously fun, creative pasties which really show off your personality. We saw everything; pizza pasties, flowers, even artist logos. You name it, there’s a pastie design to fit everyone’s needs. These little nipple stickers are the perfect reminder that even the smallest things can add so much personality to an outfit. 

They are perfectly fun worn alone, but if you don’t want to bare it all wear them with a fun mesh top like these beautiful ladies! If you’re apprehensive about taking the pastie plunge, take them for a test round and rock them under a bodysuits or under a hoodie top for a little bit of extra coverage!

Tutu getting in your way? Try DiscoCheekz!

@forbiddenkitten in her Sweet Serenity DiscoCheekz

Tutu’s have been a staple in a raver’s closet for years, but they’re no longer the rave favorite. Tutus can get a little scratchy and ravers have traded them in for cheeky rave skirts like DiscoCheekz. These skirts offer the same fun and flirty look without an over abundance of tulle. These skirts are the perfect alternative and they’re everywhere! 

Bodysuits are the perfect go-to outfit! (bonus points if they are strappy!)

@beezybreezy and @Dani_lon Rocking their Iheartraves Bodysuits

@beezybreezy and @Dani_lon Rocking their iHeartRaves Bodysuits

Why stress over putting together the perfect outfit when you can keep it simple and wear a bodysuit! They are perfect for festivals and so easy, all you need is to accessorize and you’re good to go. This no-fuss option is such an easy go-to for last minute shows and festivals and have been all the rage this past year.

There is an option for everybody, depending on what you’re style is, we saw so many amazing and creative bodysuits this season, ranging from full coverage to barely there. 

Why cover you’re shoes when they can be a statement?

@plurprincesstia shares her YRU platform outfit

@plurprincesstia shares her YRU platform outfit

While ravers typically wear fluffies to cover up their comfy shoes which might not match the rest of their outfit, this year we saw some creative footwear that makes a statement. Platform shoes have been everywhere this year, and for good reason. 

Don’t settle for basic boring shoes, make your outfit stand out from head to toe. Platforms come in all kinds of crazy designs, and are surprisingly comfortable to dance the night away.

EDM Rave Fashion Trends 2015

@shell.xxi rocking some Electric Styles LED shoes!

Another fun option is LED shoes; Remember the days where all the cool kids had shoes that lit up with each step? These light up shoes take that to the next level! They’re rechargeable, include 7 colors and a color changing mode, and you can even get a high top version.  They are such a fun way to stand out in the crowd, and perfect for guys too! These are great for shuffling (or even just running around!) How can you not have a blast when you’re shoes light up? Oh, and if you’re looking for a pair that’s the best of both worlds, these awesome platform shoes give you a bit of extra height and light up too!

Fun, Sparkly Halter Tops!

EDM rave fashion trends halter top

Just as pasties have gained popularity, halter tops have risen to fame in 2015. They are comfortable, and keep you covered and cool at the same time. You can find these in so many different colors, styles, and patterns, it’s easy to see why these trendy tops have taken over festivals.

Everything Out of This World

EDM Rave Fashion Trends Alien Space

@avalonmckenzzie rocking a fun alien themed crop top!

This year, we saw the Alien trend EVERYWHERE. From crop tops, to pasties we saw it all (Bonus points if you rocked space buns and a choker too). The “space grunge” look was huge, and with good reason. It’s so fun and unique, and there are so many ways to really get creative with this look – think glitter roots! 

EDM fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving throughout the years, and it’s always exciting to see what ravers come up with next! Stay tuned for 2016’s trend forecast and more festival fashion favorites!

What other trends have you seen this season that didn’t make the list? What looks do you love to rock?

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