EDC 2017: Festival Fashion Recap

Elecrtic Daisy Carnival is truly an amazing experience as it brings together ravers from not only across the U.S. but from around the world. The sense of style seen is therefore, eclectic and wonderful. Walking around EDC is like being at a rave fashion show! Everyone goes all out!

Here are some of my favorite looks I saw at EDC this year. There’s a mix of trends, classics, and uniquely personal styles.

Rainbow Brights

No better place than EDC to rock every color in your look because of how colorful EDC is!

Also, check out this beautiful rainbow makeup. AMAZING.

Classic Coordinates

Matching pieces or coordinates make your look so easy to put together and personally I love how they look! 

Daisy Love

I think that I’ll never stop having at least ONE night of my EDC experience themed “daisy”. It is Electric DAISY Carnival after all!  

Stylish Bodysuits

Definitely on trend this season, bodysuits are always flattering, and lots of fun to wear. I adore this trend!

Sultry Fishnets

This is a trend that started in streetwear over the past few months and it was all over EDC as well. I myself wore sequin fishnets each night! Fishnets are a great piece to layer with!

The Classic Rave Look

Of course the classic rave girl look is going strong at EDC! 

Gentleman of EDC

Just like for ladies, there are lots of unique looks guys could wear. Here are some of my favorites.

Peep more festival fashion looks on @festfashions!

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