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The Dream Destination: Dreamstate SF

In 2015, Insomniac presented trance fan’s their dream festival: Dreamstate. Launching from SoCal and expanding around the world, Dreamstate has been slowly taking over, allowing dreamers to dream again. To many, trance is not just about the music, but also a way of life. Trance embodies the PLUR lifestyle bringing peaceful, loving, unifying, and respectful ravers together to dance under a sea of lasers. Out all of the festivals and events that I have ever attended, Dreamstate has always reminded me that the love is still alive in our scene. Trance not only has talented and gifted producers, but the events attract so many amazing vibes from equally amazing people. Over Memorial Day Weekend, trance lovers gathered from all over gathered in San Francisco for their dream destination: Dreamstate SF.

Walking into the Bill Graham and seeing the stage production was just like walking into a spaceship! The stage production was incredible, the visuals taking us on a spaceship guiding us through a galaxy of lasers with no means to stop. On the first day we took off with Ruben de Ronde, Menno de Jong, Ben Nicky, Pure NRG, Liquid Ace, Paul Oakenfold, and Markus Schulz taking us on a space expedition to our final trance destination with Paul van Dyk. Out of the artists on the first day, Paul van Dyk blew my mind! The second day consisted of mostly psytrance, a favorite to many. We went on an adventure with Astrix, Binary Finary, Bryan Kearney, Ferry Corsten, Fleming & Lawrence, Gareth Emery, John O’Callaghan, and Vini Vici. From psy to melodic trance, both days of Dreamstate SF brought all of us into a state of trance through our love of music.

My boyfriend (@decafdude) and I with our friend Ryan (@pandashduh)

Left to Right: @PlurRabbit, me, and @JakeRyanDuh 🙂

The trance community in San Francisco is just like one big family that Dreamstate SF is like a huge family reunion since we see so many familiar faces at trance events. It’s no wonder it felt just like home as soon as I arrived! Whether I was reunited with old friends or meeting new ones, the vibes were definitely on point and unbelievable. I had the chance to dance the night away with Kelcey (IG: tinydancer_88), Jose (IG: PlurRabbit), Jake (IG: JakeRyanDuh) and met many new friends! To be honest, the people are half of the reason why I keep going back to events. They resonate everything I wish people could be in real life: accepting, loving, and understanding. Without all of you, raving would have never been the same! I absolutely loved meeting, reuniting, dancing, laughing, and vibing with every single one of you and can’t wait until next time! 


With the lovely @michellee_x__ <3

iHeartRaves’ very own @tinydancer_88!

Who knows, maybe this year I’ll actually make it down to Dreamstate SoCal 😉

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