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Calling All Aspiring DJs and Producers! 🎧🎶

Dirtybird Campout is hosting a DJ competition! If you’re chosen as the winner, you’ll win a chance to play at the festival this year, meet Claude VonStroke, and get a fallen. backstage party pass experience!

Dirtybird Campout is happening Oct. 6-8, 2017 in Bradley, Calif. This year, the festival is moving from its home in Orange 7ish hours north to the park that has been the home of Lightning in a Bottle for the past few years. This means a huge lake, lots more space and well, more room for activities!

This year they are hosting a DJ competition for some lucky winner to play AT the festival! To enter, aspiring DJs and Producers need to create a new 30-minuted mini-mix inspired by any and all things Dirtybird Campout. I’m imaging some fun sound ups and Dirtybird beats in these mixes! A winner is then chosen based community votes, and the opinions of the judges. The mixes will even be judged on originality, vibe, and flow by Claude himself. You can listen to all the mixes here!


  • Open the Birdhouse Stage on Friday of Dirtybird Campout 2017
  • 2 Backstage Party Passes
  • 1 Vehicle Pass
  • Meet and Greet with Counselor VonStroke during the weekend
  • Mix Shared on Claude VonStroke’s Birdhouse Radio Show & Dirtybird’s Soundcloud

Winning a competition really comes down to two things: 1 having the talent and 2 reading the rules. To save you the trouble, here’s some rules that if you break them, you’re automatically disqualified. 

  1. You must be 21+ to enter and a US resident. You also must be available to play at Dirtybird Campout on Friday Oct 7th at 12:30pm.
  2. Your mix cannot be longer than 30 minutes and must be Dirtybird Campout inspired. Also keep in mind your set time when doing your mix!
  3. Upload your mix to Mixcloud and make sure it’s not on private settings.
  4. Download and use the cover art provided.
  5. Use the following format for your mix’s title: “Dirtybird Campout 2017 DJ Competition: – YOUR DJ NAME” (i.e. “Dirtybird Campout  2017 DJ Competition: – DJ Eager Beaver”)
  6. Tag the mix with “Dirtybird Campout 2017 DJ Competition“. If you fail to tag the mix correctly, your entry may be missed.
  7. Add the full track listing in the typical Mixcloud format: Track Number – Artist – Track Title
  8. Fill out the short submission form HERE, providing your contact information, mix link, and a brief explanation of why you think you deserve the opening slot at Campout 2017.

Once you’ve uploaded your mix, you’ll want to share it everywhere to get your friends, family, fans to vote for you! Getting a lot of votes will increase your exposure and consideration, but the winner will ultimately be chosen by the judging panel regardless of its ranking. So don’t be scared if you only have like, 3 friends. 

Submissions and voting closes at 11:59am PDT on Monday July 31, 2017.

Get the full list of rules/instructions here. Good luck!

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