The Diary of Lunarismoon: A Rave Fashion Virgin

I’ve been to raves and countless shows but never such a huge production like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. My first time at EDC (only last year) I was so in awe of the entire scene that I felt a little out of place in my non-fantastical crop tops and cutoff jeans. I knew I needed to embrace the entire culture under the electric sky and go big this year. With the help of Tiny Dancer and encouragement from my rave booty-making workouts, I felt like I was ready to pop that cherry. Enter Lunarismoon the Rave Fashion Virgin. The following is an exclusive diary of my first-ever experience wearing iheartraves fashion all three days at EDC:

Day One: Space Cadet Girl

It’s a million degrees (only 100 but you get the picture) and I’m not fully prepared for the all-nighter to come. I pull on my first outfit that I styled at home and sent really annoying pictures to friends for approval even before I left. Today I’m a cute space cadet wearing the J. Valentine Fishnet Sport Shorts and Sport Hoodie Crop Top. I paired it with a gold choker, baby blue Vans and sparkly star pasties (of course). Because if you haven’t done the pasties at least once, you haven’t really danced an insta-air-conditioned night. Just kidding. It is still extremely hot.

I’m going to slather on a bunch of glitter and head out the door. Note to self: stand tall and fear not the pasties.

The verdict? This sporty look is comfortable and cute without showing too much ass. It’s the perfect starter outfit because believe me, there is much more ass to come in the next few days. Most of my glitter wore off and the little shorts were difficult to place back perfectly after each darkly-lit porta potty use – but overall a great feat. I’m ready for day two!

Day Two: Transformer Rave Babe

Last night was a success: I got so many compliments, lots of hugs – and even my stylist (eh-hem, Tiny Dancer!) was excited to see how it all came together. Tonight the temperatures are supposed to be even higher but luckily I have a great look planned that covers very little skin. My confidence is up after last night, so that’s right folks, I’m wearing a body suit – the Disco Plunge Bodysuit to be clear.

I don’t even know how I got to this point, honestly. I remember trying it on at home and being so worried about the plunging neckline and exposed booty but after layering a little mesh “skirt” (I’m going to keep that word in quotations because, whelp, you see the photos), I felt better. Is it really a skirt? No, not really. Again, I’m gonna put on a ton of glitter and hope it doesn’t wear off.

I want to sit down when I realize, OMG, where do I place my beautiful, super exposed rave booty!? Certainly not on the nasty ground! These are challenges no one prepared me for. I know, I’ll lay out my iHeartRaves drawstring bag as flat as it can go and use it as my own mini butt-protector. Important note to self: use this trick for the rest of the night.

The poised Michelle Hua as I awkwardly try to measure up.

The verdict? I feel futuristic (thanks to the Transformer Snapchat filter I found in the car ride there), oddly comfortable even though I have a permanent wedgie, and I know I made fun of the “skirt,” but it is pretty flirty and fun. Another note to self: Figure out how to do glitter because that stuff does not stay! Day three is calling me, but first sleep.

Day Three: Sporty and Comfy Me

I’m so tired. How do I rally? After two full nights of raver outfits, I knew I would want something comfortable to wear on the last day. I paired a black mesh crop top, hologram heart pasties, some major disco booty shorts (but I mean, TBH, they’re not exactly shorts either) and a pair of trusty running shoes. I’m so proud of myself with my cute outfit I styled myself but as I put on the pasties, disaster strikes. They’re too thick, won’t lay flat and won’t stick right! I’m bummed, but quickly find a black bralette to put on underneath instead.

There’s a little less glitter today, but I’m ready to rage anyway. It’s the hottest night yet and I’m feeling the hottest, too! Maybe it’s because I keep getting compliments on my scrunch-butt clad bum – or maybe it’s because it’s 100 – but I like it. Last note to self: This mesh top is so awesome I can’t wait to wear it again!

The final verdict? No longer am I a rave fashion virgin! I think what put me out of that category were the pasties and the bodysuit. Dancing all night, embracing the PLUR mindset and having fun at EDC is what it’s all about. I’m going to take my rave fashion experience with iHeartRaves at EDC to the next show I go to and I can’t wait!

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