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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

The thing I love about raving is that you get to meet so many diverse people and everyone at the events gets to be their unique, beautiful selves. As soon as you step foot into an event you will find talented hoopers, glovers giving lightshows, people trading kandi, and of course – all kinds of dancing! Dancing is the one thing that everyone does at a rave, though we may not all dance the same way, we’re still all dancing together.

When I went to my first rave I was super shy. I wanted to dance but I didn’t want to do “the wrong” thing. Once I started going to more and more raves I definitely loosened up and let go of my awkwardness. Still, til this day, I dance like no one is watching because I’m having fun and being myself is way easier than worrying about what I look like to others. Today, when I go to a rave or festival you can find me at pretty much every stage! I love to shuffle at the main stage, and even though I’m not a pro, I still enjoy doing it. I’m usually doing my own little two step when I go to a deep house or techno stage. I love bouncing to the beat and really getting in the zone. Whenever a stage is super crowded or I have somehow made it to the front of the stage, I can’t move much but I definitely don’t let that stop me because I will have my hands in the air and make any kind of movement with the space I have. If I hear a song I love I will sing the words to the top of my lungs as I’m jumping in the air. Obviously I have to do a little booty shaking when I go to any stage where Diplo is playing, and when I’m at a Dubstep stage, my movements are…random, they may not make much sense, but they sure go with the beat 🙂 I even dance while me and my friends are holding hands to get through the crowd! I do all of this and never think twice about what I look like because, I don’t care what I look like. The number one priority is to have fun and when I’m dancing, I’m definitely doing that!

I may not be the best dancer, but who cares when your having the time of your life! I enjoy hearing the music, not over thinking it and just moving to the beat. There’s actually something very therapeutic about it. Dancing is fun and it’s an expression of yourself. Don’t be afraid to let loose!

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