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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Rave Babe <3

February has just begun and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re not sure what to get for you rave love this year, don’t worry I got you covered! Here are some fun creative Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect for that special raver in your life!

Rave Memory Box



If you’re on a budget, a memory box is a great gift for your love. The best part? It’ll be unique to your relationship and will be a sentimental gift for years to come. Memory boxes are really easy to make as well. All you need is a box from any craft store, preferably one you can see through and a bunch of trinkets, pictures, kandi, event tickets and wristbands – basically anything that holds special meaning in your relationship and viola, the perfect gift. This thoughtful gift can even be put on display and every time they see it, they will be reminded of all the amazing memories you’ve made together.

 Couples Kandivdayy

Kandi holds a special place in every raver’s heart and are fun to craft! Matching kandi bracelets, cuffs, or necklaces make a cute and inexpensive gift and the best part is you can wear them to all of your upcoming events together. There are endless possibilities with these cuffs. You could incorporate a cute message or use a matching pattern and use your favorite colors on one and their favorite colors on the other. You can even incorporate heart shaped beads and charms will add that sweet lovey-dovey touch that will have your rave babe swooning. This a great gift for an avid rave couple as you can rock the matching kandi to your next event together and they can show off your gift made with love.

Rave Gear

Another great idea is to buy them some new rave gear! iHeartRaves has a new Valentine Collection. Any of these pieces could make a wonderful gift especially if you’re heading to a Valentine’s Day event like Crush. This collection has everything from cute heart shaped pasties, to pretty skirts and rompers, and even some cool tanks for guys! Everything is seriously sooo cute and I would love to have at least one of everything! Head over to the site to see and shop the whole collection. If you’re looking for a gear that’s not just for festivals, iHeartRaves also has a couples collection so you and your rave love and match at festivals or anyday! Check out the Couples Collection here.

Rave Tickets!


Your significant other is guaranteed to LOVE this gift! If there’s an upcoming Valentine’s Day event in your area or if you know of an event they’re dying to attend, pick up a pair of tickets and surprise them! If you have the budget, you can even grab some VIP tickets. Don’t just stop there, be sure to wrap or decorate the box or envelope you put the tickets in! Get crafty, bring out your artist and have fun with it. Cute doodles and a nice message will be enough to make this gift even more special. If you do put it in a box, you can also bedazzle it with rhinestones and kandi. Don’t forget – presentation is important. 


If you really want to take it up a notch, you could even set up a little scavenger hunt for your lover! Make little notes with clues on where to find their gift. You could leave rave kandi in one spot and chocolate candy in the next spot and so one. If you wanna go above and beyond, you can even leave one of each of the items in this article with the clue. A scavenger hunt will be lots of fun for both of you and your babe will feel so special.

Whatever you chose to give, just make sure your honey feels the love! Wishing you all a very fun, loving, PLURfect Valentine’s Day! <3

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