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COMMUNITY GUIDELINES | Studio 240 Blog | iHeartRaves


iHeartRaves’ mission is to inspire creativity and self expression through fashion at Electronic Dance Music events, festivals, and beyond. We belong to an amazing, unique community of people from all walks of life. With the EDM community growing exponentially, we want to create a platform where people who are passionate about the scene can share their thoughts on rave culture, fashion, music, and the experiences that make this community special. Our communities cross many platforms – FacebookInstagram, TwitterTumblrPinterest and Studio 240 – and we love engaging with our fans.  In order for us to keep the iHeartRaves community PLUR and positive, we’ve put together these guidelines for commenting, posting, and sharing comments on any of our social platforms

  • We love hearing feedback from everyone. We encourage sharing ideas, inspiration, and even constructive criticism. However we do not tolerate any bullying or negativity. Please treat others and yourself with respect.  Profane, hateful, discriminatory, explicit or abusive comments will always be removed.
  • We’re a community of ravers from different walks of life. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, so please be considerate of different points of view.  Derogatory comments addressed to individuals are not allowed in our communities. Positive comments to individuals good vibes are highly encouraged!
  • Studio 240 is a blog that celebrates this wonderful community and is a platform to share the culture. Please keep comments on topic and relevant to Studio 240. Comments containing outside links, referencing a competitor’s site, promoting an agenda, advertising, or spam are not allowed in our communities.
  • Our social media team works hard to make sure this is a positive community, but if you see a remark that you feel should be removed, please let us know by emailing us with the details at angela@iheartraves.com.

All Studio 240 content and comments are copyrighted and are the sole property of iHeartRaves.com.  We retain the right to remove any content for any reason at the discretion of our team.

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