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Thefts at Festivals: A Growing Problem

The growth in popularity of music festivals has been a wonderful thing for fans of all music across the globe. We live in a time where festivals run rampant, and around every corner, at just about every time of the year, we can collectively quiver in elation for yet another announcement of a new or returning festival.

That said, such a sonic boom of festivals, EDM notwithstanding, can come with its downfalls as well; one of which is growing into a crucial problem that not only needs addressing but full-on worldwide public attention as well. Continue Reading

Lifestyle & Culture

DanceSafe’s International Day of Drug Checking

DanceSafe has partnered with organizations across the globe to host the first annual International Day of Drug Checking on March 31, 2017, an initiative to raise awareness of the tools that exist to help mitigate risks for people who choose to use illicit drugs. Utilizing a “harm reduction” approach, public health organizations such as DanceSafe aim to provide health and safety information that is based on facts and that is presented in an unbiased manner. Continue Reading

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The 5 Sterotypical Things All Ravers Do

Being a raver is such a positive thing! We are all about good vibes, always there for each other, and on top of that have such a good time at raves, but sometimes the rest of the world doesn’t look at us in that way. Ravers seem to have a lot of horrible stereotypes that we get labeled with. Here are the 5 stereotypes that seem to follow us the most!

Continue Reading

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Niko Zografos Shares A Piece Of Mind After 3 Years of PHORIA

March is a big month for Phoria Events as the San Francisco team gears up to celebrate their third anniversary on Friday, the 10th. Legendary trance DJ John Askew will be headlining the triple-header event at Ruby Skye with supporting acts from ReOrder in his SF debut and Indecent Noise with a “Hard Trance Classics” set. Bay Area native DJ Blurr will be providing the local support. Continue Reading