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Bassheads vs. Trance Fam: Bringing an End Genre Shaming
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Bass Heads Vs. Trance Fam: Bringing an End Genre Shaming

After being a part of this loving and inclusive EDM community for several years now, I’ve come to realize that all genres are definitely not considered equal. For a community which prides itself on its love and acceptance of others, there is a great deal of animosity between those who fell in love with different genres. With any type of music, there are “genre snobs” who critique those with different tastes, but none seem such a dichotomy as Trance and Bass.

I first fell in love with electronic music my freshman year of high school, with a Circus Records mix I downloaded, chock full of classic, old school wubz. From that day on I listened to all genres of bass music, a passion which is still alive and well even 6 years later. I call myself a Basshead, and I am damn proud of that. I go to festivals FOR the bass stage lineup and headbang the entire night, I couldn’t imagine going to a show where I wasn’t raging.

Being at a show, so absorbed in the heavy music, raging the entire night I could completely forget about my problems. I love dubstep because it allows me to release the tension that builds up in my daily life, and let go of it. I can’t go more than a month without a heavy bass show, the heavier the better.

While I love nothing more than bass music, I do listen to other genres of electronic music from time to time. For the most part, I can get down with pretty much anything. Except trance.

Being a die hard basshead, I always made fun of trance music as the exact opposite of bass. I always thought of trance people as sappy, and thought that they spent the whole show standing with their eyes closed and their hands in the air. I always made fun of how boring trance shows must be. Who wants to go to a show and stand around the whole time?

Then I attended Contact Music Festival, in Vancouver BC in December, headlined by Above and Beyond.

Going into the weekend, I was planning on going to the after party early and skipping A&B but my friend begged me just to stay and watch the set. I had never actually seen a trance set, and A&B is obviously the one to watch.

Needless to say, I was completely amazed. Not only did I enjoy the set but it had me feeling things that bass music never could. There were times where I was standing, yes, but it was deeper than that. The music was so powerful and moving that I was compelled to just take it all in. It had so much emotion and movement, the set felt nothing short of magical. 

What I realized in that moment, was that we all love electronic music for the same reason: to feel emotion. The same catharsis that bass music brings when you rage the entire night, absorbed in the music is felt by trance fans when they are mesmerized by the beauty and the lights. Although the music isn’t the same, the dancing definitely isn’t the same, what matters is the way it makes you feel.

I encourage both Trance and Bass fans, and fans of all other genres as well to keep this in mind, that regardless of how we choose to express our love of music, no genre is better than another, and we shouldn’t criticize anybody for how they chose to cope with life’s many complicated and sometimes overwhelming emotions. Help keep the EDM community the welcoming and inclusive place that we are so proud to call home.

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