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It’s Time to be Realistic About the LA County Rave Ban

After the recent deaths of two young ladies at Hard Summer, Los Angeles is moving to ban music festivals from the county. The ban headed by causing uproar between Los Angeles officials and the rave community all over again. The interesting thing is both sides are arguing for the same thing: safer festivals and less tragedies. The only difference is their approach. LA County Board of Supervisors are for a ban on raves at county facilities while festival enthusiasts are calling for a different solution – one that addresses the problem in a more realistic way. So how exactly can we prevent drug related deaths and injuries from occurring?

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EDM’s Most Memorable DJ Booths

Long gone are the days of a DJ/Producer spinning decks on a board with no visuals and only huge speakers by their sides. As EDM grows as does the creativity and size of our stages. Here are some of the coolest, most intricate and creative DJ booths and stages we’ve seen in EDM. Continue Reading

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Keeping PLUR Alive

In the hustle and bustle of mainstream EDM it’s easy to forget what the music festival and electronic dance music community has stood for since the way back 80’s. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (aka PLUR) has been the rave mantra for decades but what does it mean? Continue Reading